Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I think I need a reality show.

Even if it's just to show the reaction on peoples faces when they find out how many kids I have. The comment I used to get the most was "who helps you?" But sad to say, John and I are raising them on our own. We don't have a grandma, aunt, nanny or neighborhood teenager that helps out. Only my own teenagers. A mom at my kids dance class hires someone to drive her kids to their activities. Sad to say, it is all us. But really it's OK with us. We signed up for this many kids. No complaints here. And we are in the homestretch to have our own drivers. (I am not judging anyone who is lucky enough to have these immenities. I am just describing my life, as boring as it is.)

Now that the babies are getting older, a whooping 4 next month, it is mostly the awkward look of shock that overcomes peoples faces.

Here is an example. We took our family. Yep, all 9 kids plus 1 boyfriend to a local play area. John was off mini golfing with a few of the kids . I had the younger ones in a slide area when my most energetic 3 year old wanted to join them. So I stalled as long as I could to give the others a head start. There is no way the littles can last long on an activity like that. Anyways, so I brought the little kids over as they were nearing the end.

And the man on the hole before them asked me the age old question "Are they all yours?" And as I was answering with my so not clever answer of "yes, I have 9 kids". He was saying "all 6 of them?" I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Then there is the awkward silence because of the fact he thought 6 was a lot.

I wish I was a comedienne so I could think of funnier things to say. But I am not, so oh well. Years ago while I was knee deep in foster kids, I asked my dad for something funny to say and his responses for me were A. This is one of the benefits of being a polygamous wife or B. But I left the twins at home.
I haven't used those in a while. B. Is funnier to me now that I basically have 2 sets of twins.

So then we are out to dinner at the local buffet for James birthday. It is always a kids birthday favorite because they will eat a plate full of canned mandarin oranges or olives and try to convince me that it fulfills all the requirements for nutrients as they head off to choclate fondue anything and everything in sight. Then they think if they bring me something covered in chocolate it makes it all OK. Sad to say, it usually works.
OK,  back on topic. So Braden aka the boyfriend decided that we should have our own t.v. show since we are so entertaining. But to him. I am sure we look like a 9 ring circus. He is the youngest of 3 kids.

I think I need an award for worlds worst blogger.

I have not been doing my job lately and frankly, I don't think anyone really cares. But, in case there is one person that does, I have been doing a fun thing on instagram. It is from the site 100happydays.com and I post a photo about something that made me happy that day. It has been really fun to do but sad to say I think my social media is tired of me. Daily photos are getting to be a bit much. Especially since most of them are Cafe Rio.  So, anyways, if you instagram, I would love to follow you.  I am mom288 on there too. (Yes, I use mom288 for most things, because I have 6 bio kids + 3 adopted + 79 foster kids = mom 2 88. However, that is my count. I am worried if I ask how many I had, I will be wrong. Maybe I missed one. Or added an extra. So, I just live in innocent bliss.)

Do you instagram?

Friday, March 7, 2014

This is a hard part about having girls 13 months apart. . .

I remember sitting in the hospital after I changed into a gown to give birth to my second baby girl, more than 15 years ago. I started bawling "I just did this. I can not do this again. I was just here!!".  Potty training was the same. Some milestones are fun to get to do again a year or so later. Like now we are teaching the girls to drive. Basically at the same time since drill has been to busy to add a drivers class in there.

Speaking of drill, Holy drill batman!!! I never knew how all consuming drill is. It has been a blast to watch and be a part of. Becca had so much worry and stress about wanting to be on this team last year. Yet it seems like yesterday. Now we get to do it again. Cassi is going to try out. I do worry, only because the coach is leaving and I am not sure what direction she wants to go. Cassie is a beautiful dancer. I am super excited for her.

Now, on to last night. It was the drill showcase. It was such a fun night. For the past 2 nights, the drill girls had mini clinics for kids. All the kids except James and Jason did it. I wish I took more photos. For some reason, I have been getting caught up in the moment and not recording them. Cause, ya know, if it's not in a scrapbook, it didn't happen  :0)

So here are some photos and videos I did take. Woot woot

 The girls were presented.  In their fancy, shmancy dresses.  How georgous is Becca boo boo face?

Here's the cute team.  What a fun bunch of girls.  
 Here is her cute little buddy that did the partner dance with her.  Crazy kid to get up and go to school by 6am.  Friends are awesome.

Words of advice before her coach is no longer her coach.  
Wow, what amazing drill faces.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  

 Coach Dannie.  She is a great coach.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am totes making unspotted dick this weekend, how about you?

(So this post is about a month old. I have no idea why I didn't post it.  So, here ya go. )

We also did some massive pottering.  Can you tell we love Psych?  That is such a fun t.v. show.  The season episode was in London with many references to spotted dick, but my mom made unspotted dick so that is what I will make.  It is not my families favorite but who really cares?  I don't.  Anyway, so Gus introdused us to pottering.  

  So we had some fun with this.  Here

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Infamous Nutcracker - our 13th.

Ok, ok.  Last post for a few minutes at least.

I love this.  It is so dang long, but I love it.  Here are my kids dancing in the Nutcracker.  

I will not go in order of the Nutcracker.  I will go in age.  That way I won't forget anyone.  I am trying hard not to forget anyone on a daily basis, thank you.  Having 9 kids makes me use my brain, dang it.  

The twins were Seahorses during the ocean scene.  How adorable are they?  I must say though, that Josh hated his spandex outfit.  He has a mind of his own.  He was backstage, sitting in the middle of the hallway where dancers were running past.  So I scooched him over to the side and he was so mad.  He wanted to sit where he wanted to sit.  Becca took him to see if she could get him to cooperate.  It helped a bit.  But he was a bit of a booger on stage. And when one twin is a booger, the other one follows.   

(Sorry for all my comments on camera.  I need to remember to shut up when the video is on.  And it is not the best video.  My camera doesn't do the best in the dark.)

 Bribery for the dating years.

Elly was a butterfly in the waltz of the flowers.

Cassi was in 2 dances.  She was in Arabian and also forest with Becca.

Becca was the forest queen.  She finally made ensemble group at the studio but practices were the same night at drill.  So her teacher put her in as the queen that gets to hang on a rope.  It was tricky to even fit in practices.  During the only dress rehearsal she could go to was also a performance.  It was a good thing that they were both at the same school.

So keep an eye out for both girls :)