Monday, September 14, 2015

Ray, a drop of golden sun. . .

One thing about raising these bonus kids is that I don't get to be lazy. When my older kids were younger, I could just drop them off for school or extra activities, but with the babies, I don't have that luxury. So, here I am sitting on a gym floor of the elementary school giving the evil eye and my mom finger when the babies are doing things they shouldn't during choir. Our school has a great after school program, my kids learn French!!!  They also attend choir. All my kids have been in Mrs. Leigh's choir. I want the babies to participate so here I am ... sitting on the floor of the school doing my best mom charades. 
Josh is adorable singing his choir songs around the house (and he has only been to 2 practices).  We hear a lot of "Kids are Music", "What's More American than Baseball" and of course, "Feliz Navidad"... complete with the cha cha cha's.  Jonah, on the other hand, I have yet to convince to stand when others are standing let alone to keep his shirt on :0)  

Hooray for public school!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I miss blogging. It's as close to journaling that i will ever get!!!!

I realized that I am about a year out from really blogging about my family.  I am not sure if anyone really even reads blogs any more.  I don't because when I switched to a tablet, I got out of the habit.  I couldn't find an easy blogging or blog reading app. I am determinde to do it again.  It is the closest to a journal that I get.  I enjoy tradional scrapbooking with my photos, but this is a fun digital way to watch my family age, get older and older and wait.  I need to go to my happy place.  

So, I guess I will do an update on whole famdamly. 

Becca is now a senior in high school.  I know, right? Holy crappola!!!! I am too young for this stuff. She is on her 3rd year of the drill team. She is an officer . . . the drill mistress. Doesn't that sound horrid? 

She also gets great grades in honors classes while working at a pizza place and keeping up with a social life!!  She is super amazing.  I hope this year treats her well ;0)

Sassi Cassi is a junior now.  She is still dancing at the same place she started when she was 3.  I love this sequence of her flipping over at her last recital, so pretty.  

 and I liked this one, too.

 Anyways, it is crazy that my little babies are not so little anymore.  Cassi is also working and getting fabulous grade while taking honors classes.  

James is a hoot and a half.  He has done a little of everything.  He is still involved with music, 
he is a percussionist and he participated with a local youth symphony.  He was also in the school play.  
 Can't he rock eyeliner?  
And a giant napkin?    

Can you guess the play?  

He has not started his summer yet, though.  He is in a summer camp that he is gone all day.  But he has learned to fly airplanes, well simulators.  He is now working with a 3-D printer.  And up coming will be robotics.  Poor thing gets up so early.  (I am blocking out the fact that they moved our 9th grade into the high school and I will have 3 kids in high school.  AHHHHHH)

Annie is super into crafts.    She will be starting jr. high.  It seems like just last week that I was pregnant with her and thinking that she will be in elementary school with Becca, Cassi and James.  Well, that was a long time ago.  

She is counting down the seconds right now until I finish this blog post so we can go to Micheals.  That girl lives for craft stores.  She even has her own youtube channel where she has videos explaining how-to do crafts. 

She is also the best big sister these girls could ask for :0)

Jason is in 5th grade going on a senior in college.  He remembers everything and is super smart at things also.  He loves facts.  He also loves to correct me, especially with my word crimes!!!

Apperently he likes to pose for photos with his mouth open, hee hee. 

Mia is going to be in 3rd grade is quite the little fire cracker.  She is so much fun!!!

 She is our resident photo bomber.  She loves photos and gets in them how ever she can.  I got an iphone and these are the first photos on it . . . 

Selfie central ;0)

Elly is a sweet little stink.  She is going into the 2nd grade.  

She loves friends and cousins.  She is a social butterfly, sometimes too much!!!!!

Jonah is a crazy little dude.  He went for a ride on the outside of an escalator at the airport yesterday.  He is super friendly, he will talk and hangout with anyone, and fall in love with lots of girls.  

Maybe one of these days, he will figure our how old he is!!!!!!!

Josh is well, Josh.

He is super happy and energetic.  He likes things how they are supposed to be.  He is starting kindergarten and he can count to over 60.  He is also enjoying memorizing books right now.  

Ok, so there you have an update on my rugrats.  We are doing amazing and we hope you are all doing amazing also.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

If I have learned 1 thing . . .

from going back to school to get my bachelors in marriage and family studies, it would be that Dr. John Gottman is a freaking genius.  I think that everyone of my classes, even my communications class, mentions his book "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work."  In my Family 300 class, it is one of my text books.  

If your marriage needs any kind of help, even if you think it is strong, get this book.  It has some great activities that will strengthen your marriage.  If you know anyone getting married, this would be a great gift.  This man is brilliant.  He has done so much research, it is so interesting.  You should Google some of his experiments.  It is super interesting. Anyway, I guess that is my spiel for now.
You really should get this book.  It is the best $15 you can spend. 

Best Marriage Advice


Monday, November 17, 2014

Yet another post explaining why I have been MIA

Every once in a while, I go blogging MIA.  This time I have a good excuse.  I have gone back to college.  When I was 20 and my first baby was 3 weeks old,  I graduated from Ricks College with an Associates in Social Work.  My husband was accepted to BYU but I was not.  So I never completed my bachelors, I always knew I wanted to go back, just not when.  Now fast-forward 16 years and I am going back to school.  I am going to BYU-Idaho online.  It has been challenging.  I am taking 13 credits and still attempting to handle my life with 9 kids.  I am trying my hardest to not let my school affect them so I am having a lot of late nights.  The babies are in 2 pre-schools, so that helps me with some free time, but they have been recently diagonsed with autism so we put them in occupational therapy, normal therapy and speech therapy for them on top of running all the other kids to their things, such as soccer, 8 dance classes, music and writing club, youth symphony, choir, mutual, scouts, cub scouts, drill team, and they are in piano lessons.  I have probably missed something, but needless to say we are pretty busy right now.  
     So, why am I starting to blog again?  It is an assignment for a class.  But I guess what ever gets me blogging, right?  My major is Marriage and Family studies.  I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but if I am going to work again, (I have been a stay-at-home mom for 16 years) I want to do what I want to do. So I am getting a degree now.  I am leaning towards being a counselor but I also would love to help post-adoptive families.  So, what is my assignment?  I am writing a blog on Marriage and Family.  Fun, huh?  I am actually pretty excited.  I have been putting if off for a little while because I am barely getting my work done as it is, but here I go.  

This semester has me like . . .

Monday, August 18, 2014

Can I check color run off my bucket list because I walked with my kids when they did it?

I hope so. I have always wanted to do a color run. I have ran 2 5k's. Sadly, I hate running. I don't understand people that enjoy it. It is complete and utter torture. So when a mom in the neighborhood told me about one for kids, I threw my kids into it. It was on Annie's birthday so we forced (ok, not forced, but kind of mandatory) a few of her friends to join us.

(Super sorry for the highlighted ad words.  I have got to figure out how to get rid of those. . . sorry.  I hope you can read it with them there :0)

Now, I have a fun video that John filmed.  But I still have to get it uploaded before I share it.  So here are the after photos.  Are you ready?  

This was just a 1 mile run.  I walked with Jonah.  The funny thing was that we had to walk around the park before we walked around the neighborhood.  Josh took off with other kids and just ran it by himself.  I had to walk with Jonah to help him stay focused and not stop to examine every . . . little . . . thing.  After Jonah and I finished the park and went to keep going, he told me it was too hard and he wanted to go with Braden.  Funny thing is, Braden was done with the whole dang race by that point.  Ugggg.  
Yep, the 6 foot 7 baseball star won.  He beat all the kids.  (Seeing how all the kids except mine were probably 11 or younger, but who cares.  He won dang it!!!)

Wait, I thought this race was for kids?  

Beyonce's hair was my favorite thing of the entire race.  Isn't it fantastic?

Jonah just kept throwing it in is own face.  ha ha Why he thought this in his eyes was a good idea, I will never know.  

I will end on grumpy Josh.  He didn't want to hold still long enough to get his photo taken.

I know the next thing on your mind.  What was that laundry like.  I have one word for you. . .