Monday, December 16, 2013

Temple Square

We went to see the lights on the day after Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun with our little family.  Braden came with us.  So that made Becca happy, ha ha

Here are some random photos from that night.  

The typical amazing boyfriend, gives the cute girl his jacket when he thinks she is cold.  Then again, Becca is always cold.  

For some reason, I can't find the photo of me with the family.  I guess I have been replaced.  I hope Braden is good with driving the bus and a bazillion little kids around.  ha ha 

There is always time for sledding. . .

well, for the kids, that is.  Way too cold for me.  We had a pretty good snow storm, but sadly the temperature dropped fast.  I swear we were holding strong in the 50's that wam bam thank you mam we were 5 degrees.  So, the kids had some friends come over (or as we like to say, cousins.  ha ha)  They just had a little bit of time and we had to cover up the girls hair to save the curls.  It was nutcracker night.  Can't waste all the hours spent sleeping in curlers, now can we?

Do you like how I just hopped out of the car and shot these photos through the fence?  I am not crazy.  It was like 9 degrees outside.  John and I dropped them off, ran to the grocery store and came back and picked them up.  Yeah.  Cold.  

Not to change the sledding topic, but did you know if you have to take the trash and recycle out and it's cold and snowy and you are too lazy to go get shoes that boxes work great?  

Well, at least until you need to leave the boxes outside.  Ha ha 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

James aka Mister Symphony

So, I am pretty slow in blogging my busy Christmas season.  Oh, wait.  I am too busy to blog.  If youtube was faster, I would be faster.  Oh well.  Back on subject.

So the other day, I took the 3 littles to watch James perform at some random school. He is in a youth symphony that he goes and plays in once a week.  They went around to elementary schools to preform.  He did great.  It was so fun to watch him.  They also did an evening concert that John went with him because I had all the other kids at the elementary school choir.

 Here is his cute little face.  

This is my favorite song they played.  

 Do you like my selfie?   I was enjoying having these 2 little farts on my lap.  I am going to miss the day I am not sharing my lap between 2 kids.  On one hand, it will be a beautiful day.  To sit at school stuff by myself, but I sat there cuddling these cuties realizing that for all the work it is, I will miss this.
I can't forget the little sweetie sitting next to me.  

Near the end, the conductor had his life long friend there.  They met in band when they were young.  This guy did a little solo because the school we were at was his school a bazillion years ago.  This guy was really fun to listen to.  I guess he used to play for the Osmonds.  Now he just does weddings.  Ha ha
 (Sorry, it is had to hear him.  The beginning is boring, he is just explaining the different drums.  So be patient.)  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seriously? Talk about bad luck . . .

Becca always wanted to be on the drill team.  Fast forward, she made it.  The most important thing she wanted to do was dance in military.  Guess what?  She made military.  She was lectured that she had to do well, because no one can take her place.  She is too tall and will be the center of the kick line.  When Becca wants something she goes all out to get it.  

Here she is practicing in the lobby at her eye appt.  

How adorable is she?

Here is the first time they performed their military.  Speaking of how busy we are, I had 6 kids at the high school for the nutcracker dress rehearsal.  Becca was too busy with drill to even go to the dress rehearsal.  Sadly, I had to miss Cassi's last dance. Good thing it was just a practice.   But we took off hurrying down the halls.  Did I ever mention that our high school is gargantuan?  
We showed up just in time to watch this: 

 Now, here is a disclaimer:  She does a great mean face.  Please know that she is really adorable.  I could barely recognize her out there.  Who knew?

Now fast forward to last weekend.  She was hurrying to get ready to go out with her friends.  She went to jump over the vacuum and run up the stairs to leave.  And the bonehead sprained her ankle.  Yes, she sprained her ankle a week before competitions start.  State is next month.  Talk about a crappy accident.  

It got even bigger and uglier as the days went on.  Poor thing.  

Here she was last night.  She was pretty upset.  She feels awful.  They had to cancel the practice in front of family.  And now her team mates are spending hours trying to change formations since she can't dance in their first comp on Saturday.  Ok, so she  doesn't look very sad, but she had just finished being sad.  And was eating waffles so that made her happy.  Who isn't happy with waffles at 10 at night?  Now everyone needs to cross their fingers that the coaches will hopefully put her back in for state.  She is in the military and hip hop.  So, there you have it.  Becca with the bad luck.  Darn it all.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holy Batman . . . 9 kids in December = super busy

Who would have thunk it?  This month is flying by.  I can't believe how crazy it is.  I love the nights that we are triple booked.  Thank heavens there was a change in schedule, but the change just double booked another night.  I am just rambling, aren't I? So sorry.  Anywho, since I am just rambling and confusing, here is a photo that isn't even from December.  This was the clan I took to the opening night of Catching Fire.  We went all out for Hunger Games; including little mocking jay nest cookies.  But this time around?  We just went to the movie.

  Becca was too good for us and went with the drill team.  But do you know the best part?  I went the next night too.  Since John stayed home with the littles and he wanted to see it, I got to see it twice.  Honestly, I could go see it again.  (Becca went on a cute little date with Braden the next night also, so she was as awesome as me.)    

Did you see the movie?  Did you love it?  I thought the  graphics and acting was excellent.