Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holy Shnelli that's a big fish.

James caught his first fish.  Wahoo!!!  He was at a scout camp.  It was something like 22 inches long and 2.5 lbs.  His sisters were freaking out that the poor fish was pregnant.  Poor thing.  

 Yum, Yum, so excited to eat it!!!
 (Please excuse the baby in the corner.  Potty training twins is not the most modest thing I have ever encountered.)

Way to go James!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Surprise!! Redemption for "Crappy Birthday to you"

My sweet baby turned 16.  Sadly, she was super sick.  She managed to catch tonsillitis and had to skip school and hit up the doctor for some drugs.  Not the best way to spend your b-day, not as bad as last year . . .

But pretty crappy none-the-less.

Some of her besties brought her  over some gifts.  I love friends.

On our last trip to Disneyland, Jason so was excited to get her a perry car for her 16 bday.  

Plus her birthday gift was part of her Hawaii trip, so she didn't get a ton of stuff.  But hey, she has good memories, right?
She wasn't too sick so dance to her new Just Dance 2014. Boo Ya
Then her cute little boyfriend brought over some Nike stuff.  And since she wants to marry Nike, she was in heaven.  Smart boy.  

Then we had some super secret ninja secrets, we surprised her with a birthday party a few days later.  

Dang, big balloon!!!
 Set up.  We had just dance, a photo booth, twister and pizza.

 Hot air Elly blew up 90% of the balloons.  She is wonder woman.

Here are just some random photos of the night.

 Some girls enjoyed the stage more than others.  :)