Sunday, July 31, 2011

q and a

So, here is a question that a friend posted on facebook.  So I answered it.  I thought I would share it because I haven't had a lot of time to blog.  Well, I have had time, I hate that excuse.  I have just been busy playing with family.  I even had 15 kids at my house.  My parents came home after spending 2 years in Latvia on an LDS Mission.  So, I am super sorry.  But here you go . . .

Help! My baby is in full on mommy mode. She

She has to be touching me all the time and

won't go to anyone else.  I can't get anything


 Here is the advice I gave her.

 Honestly? Enjoy it and hold her constantly. I

 know it is hard and you need some space and

 this stage feels like forever, but you blink and

 she will be in jr. high school. People would tell

 me that but when you are going through it, it

seem to last forever. But in truth, it is so

short. If she needs some mommy time, let her

have it. She might be getting used to your new

 house, too. Let the dishes and toys sit. There

 is always tomorrow. 

What do you think?  Do you agree with me or have better advice?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kids have it super easy.

I can't believe how easy life is for kids.  I wonder if our parents thought that same thing, and maybe their parents too.  My 13 year old heard a busy signal on a telephone for the first time a bit ago.  Seriously, a busy signal.  If something bad or funny or crazy or sad happened to us, we would call our friend and wait for the busy signal.  If no one answered, no one answered.  No answering machines and those were before voice mail.  You didn't even need a machine.  Crazy.  Now, they just whip your phone out of your pocket and text your BFF or facebook it so everyone you have ever met in your entire life (including some you haven't met) know exactly what happened. Kids don't even need to watch commercials anymore.  The DVR has taken the fun out of commercials.  It is funny because as I write this,   we are watching Americas got Talent DVRed from last night.  My niece hopped up to hurry and text to vote for the jump ropers.  Poor thing didn't get to vote because we already have the results DVRed to watch next.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. . . commercials.  There are some really great and funny commercials out there. I am not going back to the iconic commercials, but I wanted to share my favorite ones. Everyone loves the old spice and you can go back to squeezing the charmin, but if you said "funny commercial", this is what comes to my mind.

This one cracks me up every time I watch it.

The first time I saw this, I literally fell off the couch laughing.

Ha ha ha ha  I just watched it again with another niece and we just about died.  ha ha

But the moral of the story is not bad, I like technology, I just wish our kids could just experience the past so they could enjoy what they have.  It also makes me wonder what my children will say their children have it easy with.

P.S.   Lately I have been loving the Mayhem commercials.  I love mayhem.  This one is totally my life.  It was passed around facebook, but I can't find one that can be embeded.  So you will have too click the link.  See, I am apologizing on not making it so easy you don't have to click on anything.  Dang, this world has it easy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to dump a therapist

Okay, so I just had to dump Ellie's therapist today.  I have not been happy with them.  She was going to a developmental preschool that she had to be on a waiting list for months.  While waiting, we would just see her therapist   That was always weird.  I would sit there for 50 mins and watch Ellie play while the therapist asked me questions. Then when the 50 mins. was over she just stands up and we walk out.  I hated going to say the least.  Then when a spot opened up for Ellie, a super creepy, smelly bus would come and pick her up.  I had to take her on the bus and buckle her in and when she came back I had to go unbuckle her right by all these small zombie children that would just stare at me.  I know this is petty, but the main reason I didn't like the preschool was the fact that they didn't wash her hands and face after lunch.  I sent a lunch with her everyday and the school didn't respect her enough to help her clean up after she ate.

Back to today, so I went to break up with the therapist.  I have 1 word for you.  Awkward.  I can't remember all she said since it was so uncomfortable in there.  I didn't have Ellie go to preschool when I was in Europe so Mrs. Therapist asked what was going on with that.  I told her and she asked if I was going to start bringing her again.  I said no, I want her to go to the preschool all my bio kids went to.  She was not very happy.  She got snippy about making sure I brought in her medicaid card so they would get paid.  That bugged me so I got extra happy to bug her and let her know the receptionist already had a copy.   Then we just sat there for what felt like hours and watched Ellie play.  Then, thank heavens that Ellie had to go potty so we could leave for a while. When I went back in, I said, "So are we done?"  She said "sure", and we left.  That was really weird.  I didn't like it.

She also told me how she didn't own a T.V.  He husband grew up addicted so they don't watch it.  So, that must have been why we didn't get along.  ha ha

Now I am stuck deciding if I find her a new therapist or just go with out.
It bothers me that she was diagnosed with 3 different things so fast.  She had 2 1/2 years of neglect.  She can't be expected to just become "average" overnight.  So, there you go.  That is how you dump your therapist.  Very awkwardly just do it to their face and get it over with.  Got to keep the kids best interest in mind.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Couponing 01

So I called this one couponing 01 instead of 101 because I am always a day late and a dollar short.  Deals just don't work for me.  Some people have deals and luck just fall into their laps.

Not me.  I have tried different things in the past.  I have shopped sales, meal planned, and just shopped.  I had kept my eye on couponing for a while.  I use them occasionally, but it seemed like the sale price of off brand was still cheaper than the coupon for the on brand.

I took a class on couponing a different way about a year ago and was almost convinced.  I watched websites every once in a while, but I just couldn't see how coupons would help me.  But when the panic of "I have 9 kids to clothe and feed" kicked in I decided to just jump in with both feet.  Okay, not totally both feet since the coupon people tell you to get a newspaper subscription for each member of your family.  I was not willing to make that big of a financial jump so I just got 2 subscriptions.  It has been probably 4 months now, and I am still not totally convinced.  I have gotten free body wash and I just sent hubbie to Smiths for cereal at $.67 a box and 10 tubes of toothpaste for $6.  But over all I feel like I spend more just to save.  Sadly, in my area, we don't have double coupons so I can't be one of those crazy couponing hoarders like on the TLC show.

I thought I would pass along some of my favorite websites that I follow.  is great.  That is the class I went too.  They tell you what is on sale at what store. is a fun one.  It is really for boise.  My sister follows and they do have some helpful things. is also great.  I like it for the cheap online stuff.  Like the $5 slip and slide that sears was selling for $25.

The other thing I am trying but really liking is bountiful baskets.  It is nice to have fresh fruit and veggies always in the house.  I didn't know what to do with the chard and waited too long for some other strange fruit, but all in all, it has been great.

Do you do anything to save money?  How do you grocery shop?  I would love to get your input.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Koi Assisted Birth (wacky wednesday)

What the crap?  Please tell me this is a joke.  I sincerely hope I am watching Leno (which sadly, if I am watching night time T.V. it is something DVRed so I really never watch Leno) and hear that this was a joke or a prank.  There is a lady that is going to have her baby in her fish tank.  Yes, you read that right.  So the fish can help guide her though the birth.  I personally think she is crazy.  Her is her website. 

First of all, I am glad she is putting something in the water to kill germs, but why in the world would you want strange chemicals around your newborn?  Did I mention the treated water will be purple?

Second of all, childbirth is messy, do you really want that in your fish tank? 

Third, what in the world makes you even think about doing this?  When I was having my baby, "oh, here's an idea sweetie, lets have the baby in the aquarium."  was never near my brain.  Totally insane. 

What is your 2 cents on this?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Honest Monday

Alright, sorry for my lack of follow through.  But Europe and summer with 9 kids threw me off a bit.  I know you have been waiting with baited breath.  Here you go.  I will be honest. . .

I enjoy television.  I admit it.  I love T.V.  My favorite way to unwind is the t.v.  I would marry my dvr if I could.  I am not addicted.  My kids are more important.  (Well, now that I have a dvr.  ha ha.)  I don't watch much during the day.  But I do love a good tv show.  Our neighbors in college put their tv away in the closet.  I think it is sad, but I love mine too much.  When I went to Europe, I didn't wantch T.V. for almost 3 weeks.  I survived, I just like my T.V. . . a lot.  I have way to many favorites, but here is what is coming to my brain right now. 
(I do apologize for that lack of professionalism at the photos.  For some reason, it won't let me make them bigger.  Super sorry).

#1  Mad about you.


I love that show.  Have seen many episodes when they came out as well as stayed up in the 11pm-12am to watch reruns.  I still make one liners from this show.  I wish this was on-demand on netfix, boo.

When I was a kid I watched all nick at night shows.  Patty Duke, Mr. Ed, and the Monkees.  I still love old T.V.

I have seen every episode of :



and Psych

There are also shows I dvr for chores around the house.  Such as:

American Pickers  . . .

when I mop my kitchen floor. 

The sad thing is, I could keep going on all night.  Unfortunately, I have to get to bed, I do have 12 kids (my 9 + 1 niece, 1 nephew and 1 nephews friend)  so I must end.  What is your number 1 T.V. show?