Monday, June 17, 2013

My new best friend, Crush

On our Hawaiian vacation we went to Turtle Beach.  It was fun to see them hanging out on the beach.    

 But then Ethan, John and I went snorkeling and playing with them in the water.  It was a completely amazing experience.  

 The second day we went, Ethan and I swam out deeper and watched the bigger turtles.  The ones near the shore were smaller.

Holy Crap, did I really parasail?

Yep, we did.  And yep, it was scary.  It was quite the experience.

Here are our photos and videos.  I will apologize for how annoying I am.  Why does my voice sound like that?  Uggggg.  Oh well.  It was pretty crazy.

THE BEACH: You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it never leaves your soul.

John and I just took a trip of a lifetime.

We spent a week with my sister and her family at her house in Hawaii.  We had such a great time.  Since I am such an awesome blogger, the photos are all out of order and kind of crazy, but dang I have some great photos. So here is a bit about our trip.

 We started out our trip with a water fight.  The weather was beautiful.
 Nothing feels better than my feet in the sand.
 Sunset Beach

 I totally miss Ethan and Sydney.  It was so great to see them.  I am still ticked at Sarah for ditching us as running off on a trip.  Seriously not happy. I miss that girl.  Good thing I was in paradise.
 Banyan trees and beach where they shot some of Lost.  They also filmed part of Catching Fire here.  Fascinating trees.
 On top of a bunker overlooking the beach
 Inside the dole pineapple maze
 You have to find 8 stations and stencil to prove you were there.  We did it.  It took about 40 mins.  John's strategic mind came in handy.

 I got a gorgeous pearl necklace.
 Yep, tastes the same as the Tiki Room

 Sunset Catamaran Ride, yes please.

 We hiked up above a lighthouse.  It took about a half an hour to get there.  We would get hit with a huge downpours.  We were drenched in seconds.  Good thing it was gorgeous.    We were soaked, but still fun.

 Yum, Matsimotos shave ice

 Our flight was 8 hours late, so we had a bonus day in paradise.  We went back to the hunger games beach and had a subway picnic.

 This was our view flying in.
 We had way too much fun at the PCC.

 Mochi Ice Cream, Yum Yum Yum
 Ancient Hawaii Bowling.  John was almost as good as his college bowling class.
 We had to show our teenagers how cute the boys were there.  They were so jealous.  I am sure they would have come home with 17 new boyfriends.
 Luau with Cap

 Ice cream with fresh mango and pineapple.  I want to go back!!!
 The cutest little 12 year old fire dancer, ever.
 More ice cream, yum yum.
 Crab Hunting.  They caught 7.

 Posing with one of the 7 brothers.  Owners of the Kahuku Grill
 Can you tell I like dessert?  Banana macadamia nut banana bread covered with ice c ream, chocolate and coconut.  Double yum.
 The crabs they caught hunting.  I was just photographer.  They look like spiders.
 Pearl Harbor.

 Waikiki Beach
 The flea market at the Aloha stadium.
 More pearl harbor

 China mans hat.
 Denise woke us up on our last day there to see this little, ok, big guy.  He is a monk seal.  He was just up on their beach, hanging out.
He kept tricking us that he was going to go back into the water.

One of the days, we were playing on Denise's beach and one of these stupid blue bottles attacked and stung me.  That was fun.  I think I was more freaked out that some creature was on me than the fact that I was stung.

LDS Temple

Hukilau Cafe: These burgers had a hamburger patty, a piece of steak, a fried egg and lettuce and tomato. Not my favorite, but pretty good.

Well, there you go.  There is a quick snippet of our trip.  I wish I could go again.  Here is a thank you shout out to my amazing parents who took on 9 kids for a week.  Including ball games and early morning drill practice.  And Sis who had to pick us up at the airport at 4:30 am.  And to Denise for letting us stay at her amazing house and be our tour guide.  It was such a great trip.  Such fun memories.  After we got back to Boise, we had to drive the 5 hours home.  We ran into church in perfect time to see the kids sing for Fathers day and to listen to Becca's talk.  She did amazing.  Granted, we were in church in jean carpis and Hawaiian shirts, but hey, we made it.