Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twins bite, hit, and scratch, but our first twin caused instacare visit

So here's the story.  The twins and Elly were playing in the sand box.  I went inside to pick up.  Jonah started screaming.  Elly came running in and Annie ran from the front.  Josh had hit Jonah in the face with something.  Elly told me 3 different things he was hit with, so I am still not sure what.  But I grabbed my camera since I don't have a lot of proof of the babies abusing each other.  I took this photo.

I grabbed a rag and cleaned him up and said "uh oh"
  This was worse than I thought. The cut wasn't very deep but it was pretty swollen and split.  
So off to Instacare.

 I had to throw a bit of a tantrum to be seen.  I was not happy.  Then they had talked about stitches, but figured the best thing to do was to glue.  But the story isn't over.  The clinic was out of glue.  So Cassie and I were stuck entertaining ourselves and a two year old while someone drove some over from another clinic.  

The story is still not over yet.  So then, he was laying on the bed great.  The nurse was holding it shut while the doctor got the glue ready, but I guess it stung because he jerked his lip down and as they were trying to hurry and hold it and fix it, they ended up gluing his nose to his upper lip.  Yep, they really did.  Anyway, all is well now.  They fixed it.  But I am not sure they did the best.  Oh well.  
 He is super adorable with his giant band-aid.  yeah, that didn't last long.  
 Here it is all glued up.  All thanks to his twin.  ha ha

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why I always have a headache.

Why I love summer

I bet you thought I would have a photo of a pool or beach or something.  Right?  Well you are wrong. 
Why do I love my kitchen cabinet in the summer?  Because during the school year it looks like this.   

Yep, those paper are 3-4 deep.  This is my main hub of my house.  When the kids bring home a paper from school, the due date goes on a calendar and the paper with any instructions or information goes on the cabinet door.  Summer is fabulous.  June was busy with all the band things they did, but we have nothing crazy going on!!!!!  I love it!!  

How do you keep track of things?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Days of 47 youth parade.

We had a great day today.  James marched in his last parade.  
Here is the crew that was there to cheer him on.  
We are missing my 2 oldest.  They are visiting cousins and dang I miss them!!!

My little Annie is 8 going on 16.  She wanted to try to curl her hair.  Unfortunately her cheek got in the way. boo hoo.  
 Here is a few cute parade entries.  

 There is my favorite one.  Do you see my little tambourine man?  The little blond in the middle of the photo.  Yeah, I know, he is adorable.  
 Probably not one of my best mommy moments.  Handing the little terrors a baggie full of crunched up cheerios.  Oh well , they were happy.  
 The reason we did not stay for the blow up bounce houses and booths.  Way too many people for me.  
 Little princesses with the crowns daddy bought them.  
 In case you can't tell, the back view.  ha ha 
 Playing at lunch after.  This is how they were going down the slide.  I love my kids.  The only bad part about having a lot of kids?  They can't do anything alone.  

I have a crafty daughter

So I can't find the inspiration, but I will try to explain what I wanted.  I was pinteresting and I saw a fabulous crafting idea.  

Here is a math problem for you.  11 people in the house and everyone gets 8 drinks a day.  How many times do I have to run my dishwasher?

Yeah, I am bad a math too.  The answer?  way too many!!!!!

So, back to the crafty idea.  Someone had made coasters with everyone's names on it.  They would sit on the counter and after you use your cup, you rinse it and put it on your coaster.  They had 2 kids.  The only problem is my counter is not big enough for that.  11 coasters, I mean, come on.  So my very smart and crafty daughter . . . 

 came up with this . . . 

I cut out our names with the cricut in vinyl and stuck them on the windowsill.  What do you think?  Pretty stinking smart, right?  Now with paper plates and reused cups I only run my dishwasher 1 -2 times a day.  How awesome is that?  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marching Bands are Awesome

My little baby James is in a Marching band.  It was through a jr. high close to our house.  He has loved it.  He is on the drum line.  He choose to play the tambourine.  The little guys don't get to carry the big drums.  But he had a great time.  

His first parade.  

Growing up we went to lots of parades.  But sadly, I haven't taken my kids to many.  Really, only if someone was in it.  So this was really fun for them.       

 They had a blast running for candy.
 Afterwards, we waited around for a while then the band put on a little concert in the park. 

Poor grandma got stuck feeding the terrors popcorn.  

 The awesome drumline.
All in all it was a great day.  Thanks James.

P.S.  if you are a die hard band nerd, you might enjoy.  So for your listening pleasure . . .

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just cause I love ya

Do you see it?
I took one bite of my ice cream bar and I look down and it is smiling back at me.  How awesome is that?  Hope you are having a fantastic summer!!!

Happy Birthday America


I hope yours was as snot crusted and dirty as ours!!!
p.s. that is ketchup on Jonah, not blood.  
p.p.s. they are not prematurely going gray, that is just dirt.   

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In other news . . .

There were fireworks going off, so the kids climbed up on the roof to watch.  See, we allow kids on the roof, but only if you can jump off on to the trampoline to get down.
Yeah, we are awesome like that.  

The fireworks were wonderful.  That is Annie, Cassie, James, Jason, and Thomas.  Note that Becca is missing.  One time she jumped off and kept going and she landed on a metal lawn chair, so she stayed off and sat on the driveway with me.  There is no way I will jump off the roof, no way.  Sadly for her, after the fireworks, she was walking off the trampoline so the kids could get off.  Notice I said walking, not even jumping or flipping, or twisting.  She stepped on her ankle bone instead of the bottom of her foot.  Yep, we spent the rest of this night in the ER.  It was just a severe sprain.  The ER was super busy so we spent our time talking to someone who lived in our house last and Aunt Megan. Thank heavens for Aunt Megan, she is the reason Becca got any ice.  We were there for 4 hours and never even got a room.  Anyway, here is Becca's poor ankle.  It got much bluer and ickier than this.  

She was on crutches and had no ankle bones for days.  She is a trooper and doing a lot better now.  

Have a great night, and be careful walking off the trampoline.  

Oh and by the way, no children were hurt jumping off the roof, this time.  

Here is the main reason I became horrible at blogging.

These 2 babies are my little demon handfuls.  

Yes, they look sweet and innocent.  But this is during naptime.  (By the way, Cassie had given them old men hairstyles.  They are in an awkward growing out hair phase.  Josh has a horribly high forehead and I think Jonah will look cute with a Jason haircut.  So we are struggling a bit here.)


This is what is going on.  

So, there you go.  I am exhausted.  If I try to make them stay in bed, I spend 5 hours and 25 mins between naps and bedtime doing the super nanny tricks.  Now, I just give up and let them play.  They sleep when it gets too dark to play.  They fall asleep on the floor.  They wake up at the butt crack of dawn.  They are tired and ornery all day. 

Motherhood is awesome.      

Ok, so I got in trouble.

I got an email from my sister getting after me for not blogging.  My daughter asked me if I was looking something up and I said "no, I'm blogging."  She said "yeah".  So I guess I should get back to blogging.  I didn't know if anyone even read this, I guess 2 do.  ha ha.  Oh, but I did lose 2 followers after my last mormon post.  So I guess I should be thanking the 25 that stayed.  

So to say thank you, here is a photo.  We watched woman in black with my niece and nephew, Spencer and Kylie.  

How is that for creepy woman in black outfit???  

Oh wait, it's just James.