Friday, August 30, 2013

John's new Ute shirt? What the junk?

So my husband is always given a hard time because everything he owns is from his Alma mater, BYU.  I think every shirt he owns is BYU or BYU colors.  Well, Becca's drill does concessions at the University of Utah football games.  They happen to be BYU's rivals.  Well, last night was opening football night.  And guess who had to work concessions last night.  Becca and John.  Guess what he wore?  A UTE shirt.  

 What the junk?  Yep, he has a UTE shirt now.  He walked in the room and showed me and I was like, "Oh, whatever."  Becca walked in and fake vomited.  He was all, "Thank you.  That is what I was looking for.  ha ha"
These are not the best photos.  It was 10:30 at night and they had been working since 3.  Or should I be more specific and say that they had been sweating since 3.  Becca was trading off between drink machine and cash register which was fun for the first few hours.  But poor John was working the grill that whole time.  Sweating and working cooking hotdogs, brauts, and onions all night.  Fun for him, huh?  So needless to say, he didn't smell the best when he got home.  And they were super tired, but hooray for supportive dads.  

And, now the jokes can commence.  ha ha 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stupid thing to say, but I had so much Fun.

Okay, best concert ever!!!!

Sorry to say that it was better than when I saw Richard Marks with Wilson Phillips opening.  Or Kenny Rogers, or the Hermans Hermit dude, or Kenny Rogers, or the Oak Ridge Boys, or Raven-SymonĂ©.  Ok, so I haven't been to a ton of concerts.  

Fun. was amazing live.  I was worried when there were a few times on t.v. I saw them and they were not the best.  But I think it was on morning shows and maybe they are just not morning people.  This concert was incredible.

I love so many of their songs.  I actually tried to blog about them a while back, but it was taking too long to find songs and get them posted.  I bought these tickets back in Feb. or March.  A few months ago, I was telling my little brother, Brian that I had tickets.  He told me he liked Nate when they were the Format, before Fun.  Lucky him, I had bought 2 extra tickets :) So it was fun to go with them.  

We were so close to the stage.  We waited forever.  We were pretty excited.
It's not everyday that you are photo bombed when you are taking a photo of a semi-famous person.  How awesome is that nose picker in the corner?  Do you recognize the stalkerish guy that was staring at me as I took his photo?  Yep, it one of the Kid History dudes.  Ha ha
We were not smooshed together at all.  (Insert sarcasm)
Tegun and Sara were the opening act.  They were pretty good, but I didn't know many of their songs.  And no offense, but all their songs sounded the same.  

Turns out that we were right next to Brian's friend from high school.  He was fun to chit chat with.  We stood there sooooooooooooooooo long.     And we were closer than most people ever get to one another.  Or really should get with one another without a ring and a licence.  After Tegan and Sara were done, everyone squished up another 15ish feet.  And we thought we were smooshed before that.  But the good thing is that we were closer to Nate and the gang.  Woot Woot

But they came and in tear-a-way tuxes.  Holy Cow Cool.
Here is some of my awesome photos.  Yeah for this concert!!!!!

Ok, and the song I fell in love with them . . .  (you will have to pretend you can't hear us singing or screaming along.  In case you can't tell, I had a whole bushel of Fun. that night.)

I finally took her to kindergarten on the right day. Yeah me!!!

Guess what I did?  I took Elly to school on the right day!! Hooray!  I know, small victories.  Maybe I should take myself out for a treat.  Yep, I think I should.  

 Here are Kim and my rug rats that are in either kindergarten or 1st grade.  What a good looking bunch of coconuts if I do say so myself.  Alyssa, on the end in a blue shirt looks scared to death.  But hey, it is the first day of many, many school days in her future.   (Notice the photo bomb by Josh.  He was wishing he could go to school.  Poor kid)
 Chase and Elly are in the same class.  They were in line and Chase couldn't see her and he was all "Where's Elly?"  I showed him and he was all "Oh, good."  I am glad they have each other.  Cute little farts.  
 Kim is going to hate me for posting this.  But hey, I don't think anyone even reads it this anyway, right?  She officially has all 8 of her kids in the public school system.  She is where I will be in 2 years.  That her oldest will graduate high school when the youngest graduate kindergarten.  She was thrilled to say the least.  :)
I hope your first days of school went as well as ours!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Photos 2a (My oops)

So Monday morning comes bright and early, I dress Elly up in her new clothes that were picked out and laid out the night before.  We took the photo on the porch.  

Then we took the kids to school.  We get to the kindergarten/1st grade playground.  And notice there are no other kindergartners.  Oops.  Turns out that kindergarten school days didn't start until Wednesday.  Poor Elly.  So, it happened to be Mia's birthday so I talked to her teacher about bringing in treats and we went to run errand.  

I love being a non-perfect mom.  

Annual first day of school photos part 1 of 3

I think this year might just be my busiest.  I know, I know.  I say that every year.  But this year I have 1 in high school, 2 in jr. high, 4 in elementary (including a kindergartner) and 2 in 2 preschools.  All without an extra driver in the house.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I know we will make it, we do every year.  

But why didn't anyone ever tell me that babies grow up?   

The jr. high kids left first.  
James is in 7th.
Cassi is enjoying being queen of the jr high in 9th grade.  

Off to the school bus  :)
Now for the high schooler.  Super crazy.  Does not seem like I am hold enough to have a sophomore. Ick.
The awesome/scary part of high school is the friends that drive.  On one hand, I don't have to drive her around all the time.  That is helpful, yet she has so much freedom and she is super busy.  LIke tomorrow, between classes and dance, she will be at the school from 6am-9pm.  boo hoo 

Now for the elementary kids.  
Annie is in 5th grade.
Jason is in 3rd
My little kidlets.  
Mia is feeling super big in the 1st grade.  

Have to take a photo with Zach.  Have to every year.  
Twiners.  Don't you wish you could dress alike as adults?  How fun would that be?  They were so excited.  I love these girls.  

"Mom, take a picture of me!!!"
I just heart this photo.  I love these girls.  I hope they are friends for life!!!

Hanging out with the PTA - awesome possum.  

I just had to add this photo.  Alyssa and Chase came over to play.  Elly went in the bathroom and Chase put his hand under the door to make sure she knew he was staying there.  So sweet.
Anyway, there you have it.  More to come with the kindergartners and preschoolers. 

Is it summer yet?