Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smarties are a girls best friend!!!

Who would have thunk that having 9 kids would be so busy?  ;)  The end of the school year has been crazy.  Or should I say cray cray?  (I felt my teenagers cringe from 2 miles away.) We are running around like crazy people.  Every night we have to sit down and plan our next day.  Sometimes that means writing it out on paper so we don't forget anything or or to help us figure out how to be in 19 places at once.

Where do the smarties come in?  Entertainment.  For years, this year, 2013, was going to be a taste of what I was looking forward too.  All my kids in school.  With Mia in kindergarten, she only had to come to a few things with me.  But things change, and people adopt.  And presto chango.  I still have 3 kids at home. Smarties are fabulous.  Not super messy (unless Josh tries to eat it through the wrapper) and easy to have a bag full. We adore smarties.  That is what keeps me sane.

 So here is my crew I haul around with me.

This was taken at James band concert.  So for a taste of what my days are like, here is a snippet.  
Becca up at 4:45 
John up at 5.  
Both of them out of the door by 5:30.  
Cassi up at 6.  
I got up at 6:30.  
Cassi gone at 7.  (So glad I have 2 responsible daughters.  I am plumb worn out)  
Got the elementary kids ready.  I dropped them off at 8.  Ran a text book to Jr. High for Becca.  Ran home to grab my memory card that was taking way too long to dump on my computer.  Rushed over to the elementary band concert only to find out we were 20 min. early.  But hey, No worries.  Good seats, right?

(My awesome drummer.  He is the only percussionist.)  He did amazing.

Of course my good seats meant I couldn't even see him, but that is how my life rolls.  At least you can see his awesome drumming skills.

  After the band played, I gave the kids smarties.  Jonah got mad over something and chucked his candy.  Then he was mad because his candy was on the floor.  Jonah has the best temper tantrums. Ever.  The throw his body around, horrible "I am the most picked on person ever" scream.  So we headed out.  I stopped by the other door and James said they had one more song with the Orchestra.  So we hung out in the hall and waited.  He was so excited to play this song for Becca.  Since she is a huge 1D fan.

He did great.  I am super proud.  Ok, on to the next.  We then went back to the Jr. High.  Had to wait a few mins. for class change, picked up Becca to skip out on school to catch up on her English.  I know, I know.  I am a horrible mom for letting her do that.  But if you only knew what happened in that English class you would totally get it.  We stopped by McDonald's.  Yes, I know.  Another point for awesome mom.  But hey, I love McGriddles and I already had had a day.  So yes, we brought home breakfast and enjoyed it while we kicked the little kids outside to eat theirs, Becca typed away and I fast forwarded through Storage Wars. A few min. later, we left for Kindergarten Graduation.  
 John met us there.  It was fun to have Becca go.  Especially when Mia was having a hat failure.  Her fabulous mom totally thought things through and did a cute, curly hair style; complete with tiara.  So Becca had to play beauty parlor really quick so her hat would fit.  

 I love big sisters.
 She got a gold medal for reading.  I think the parents should get the medal.  Those kids didn't read and turn in mins. all by themselves.  

 She did it.  She is a graduate.  
 Mrs. Edwards.  
 The crew that went to the graduation.  Adorable bunch of coconuts if I do say so myself.  

 After graduation, we were home for a bit, then I took the kids to the park to give Becca some peace and quiet.  The twins are at the hard part of naps.  They want to sleep from 4-6 and stay up all night.  So I was fine with them being entertained while skipping nap time.  The only photos I took at the park was of this silly sister.  

 Only because she is always "Take a picture of me!!!"  So funny. And yes, she wanted to look like she was sleeping.    

Then we went home, spent a few mins. with John fixing bikes.  Fed the kids whatever they wanted.  Such as cereal and taqitoes.  (I know, more points for best mom ever.)  Mia went to dance.  Mia home from dance.  And off to James baseball game.  

(We did skip Jason's soccer practice.  Darn it.)

He got a great hit, but they got him out.   We stayed there for a bit until the girls and I went to the Jr. High for an awards assembly.  Cassi got awards for keyboarding and science.  Little smarty pants.  

 John and the boys met us there.  They saw her get one of her awards, then we all ate yummy  brownies. I had to talk to a teacher after I walked up to tell Becca that we were leaving and Becca was crying.  Yep, her english teacher.  Anyway, talked to her for a while then we finally went home.    

We had an impromptu dance in the rain party in the front yard for all who felt like it.  

 The sky was amazing.  

 Then Josh found the water running off the roof.  On to more, wet fun.  

 This was the funniest moment.  When Josh looked down and said "Wet"  He finally realized he was getting wet.  We laughed over that one.  
 These next photos tell the story of having twins.  In the one above, you see Jonah walking to the mud.  Next, John says, "Jonah, let's not play in the mud. Come on out"  So then . . . 
 . . . Guess who leaves the mud while the other one runs too the mud.  
 Yep.  The story of the twin terrors.  Ha ha I just love it.  

 The realization of cold.  

So, that was our day.  Not too shabby.  This kind of day is repeated over, and over, and over.  One day I will miss this, right?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Are you tired of dancing posts yet?

There has been a lot of dancing in our lives, I guess for the past 12 or 13 years.  We still have a bit to go this school year with the last recital coming up.

Anyway, back on topic.  Our elementary school has a dance festival every year.  It is a lot of fun.  Each of the grades do a dance.  Here are my favorite, only because my cute kids are in it.  Ha ha Okay, I guess this is another post that only a grandma will love.

Here is Mia with Kindergarten.  Mia and Breanna are so dang adorable.  

Now on to 2nd grade.  Whoe doesn't love a good Macarena?

No 4th grade year is complete without square dancing (EWWWW, touching a boy, ick.)

I have to throw in a video of Beyonce. It was so adorable and she did the worlds best air guitar. I love this girl.


And last but not least, here is James with the 6th grade that reminded me of growing up in Idaho. Line dances anyone?


There you have it!!  Was that fun?  I am going to add one more video.

After all the grades were done, they turned the chicken song on and all the kids were dancing.  The babies had a blast.  Jonah disappeared but it all turned out ok.  They were so fun to watch.  Especially when the big girls went to go dance with the babies and the babies thought they were taking them away and they wouldn't touch them.  Ha ha

Did I bore you to death?

Dancing Queen Numero Dos

Without going into a way long story that will probably get me in trouble, Cassi should have been on the jr. high school dance company this past year.  It is sad that she wasn't.  She missed out dancing with her sister and 2 best friends.  She is amazing and I won't go into how even adults bully.  I will just tell the good news.  

Cassi is a fabulous girl who tried out again this year.  She was pretty nervous for the tryouts.  They were going to post the results before 7pm the day of tryouts.  So about 6ish, Becca saw on instgram that the results were up.  James was at ball practice and the kids were playing outside with some neighbor kids, so I had them all come in and left Andy and An in charge. We were running around the house saying, "No one check the internet!!!  No electronics!!!"   John, Becca, Cassi and I hopped in the car and sped over to grab Allie and Jessie.  And we nervously hustled over to the Jr. High.  

Poor Cassi said, "I have a bad feeling about this".  We pulled up to the school and the other girls ran ahead.  Cassi did the slow, nervous walk that must be genetic.  Next thing we know, this is happening. . . 

She made it!! 

(The funny part about having girls that dance, tights and the little dance shorts are an always worn item at out house. Like yesterday, Becca did drill from 5:45-7:15.  Dance company for 1st period and then more drill from 4-7.  So needless to say, they are always in dance clothes!!!)

We are so proud of Cassi for persevering through all the hard times last year.  I am proud of her for trying again and not letting people get her down.  I am also thankful for a principal who was a part of it this year so we knew the results were not rigged.  

Love you Cassi, have a great and amazing year as a freshman.   

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dancing Queen

 Becca tried out for her High School Drill Team.  She worked really super hard.  This is her waiting for the list to be put up so she could find out if she made it.  She is with her friend Courtney.
 When it was time, she was too nervous to run up and check out the list.  She hung out and walked slowly.  Courtney ran back and was saying, "We both made it, We made it!!"  Talk about a stressfull moment in life.  Ugggg.  I am so proud of her but little did we know the hard part was still to come.  She is getting up in the 4 o'clock hour and is out the door by 5:30 am.  Everyday of the week.  Already.  Even before she goes to that school.  Ick.  Poor Girl.  Luckily she is responsible enough to get herself up.
 Everyone crowding around the list.
 The list.

Becca is finishing up her Jr. High School Dance Company.  Here are a few of her dances.

This first one is a partner dance choreographed by Becca and Courtney.

(BTW- the pyramid was supposed to fall, it just didn't come together right.  The next night, it worked perfect.  But that is the night John went.)

These 3 girls are my favorite on the team.  Woo woo

She had such a busy couple of weeks.  She also danced to a symphony with Miss Margenes.