Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Annual Easter Sunday Photo Shoot

I had lots of hopes and dream about what I wanted this year photos to look like.  But instead, we ran out of the house a few mins. before church and this is what we got.  

 Little Miss Mia
 Little irish twins
 Miss Elly Beans
 Mr. Jase Mase
The big Jaimer

 Georgie Porgie
 the babies aka: little monsters, monkies, terrors, boogers, "they"  such as in "Oh Shnelli, what did "they" do this time???"
 Joshy Bosh

 Cassie Bassi
 Becca Boo boo

It was darn near impossible to get a boys photo.  

 The girls didn't like their photos, so we redid a few of them.  

Hope you have a fantabulous Easter  :)

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Anonymous said...

i must say jonah looks like quite the stud. :)