Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dang, I have a lot to post about . . .

I don't even know where to start.  We have been so stinking busy lately.  Crazy.  I keep wondering when life will slow down.  Now I am not sure it ever will.  I miss the days of hanging out with nothing to do.  

So, I guess I will just pick something to blog about.

Here is our Memorial Day photos.

We had the traditional pancake breakfast.

We did some playground fun.  Awesome sliding.

Some shuffleboard.  You know, it is not just for old fogies.  

And we are awesome tennis players.  Boo Ya!!!!

Jonah was trying so hard to get this ball over the net.  Cassi finally helped him.  I guess what ever it takes to get it over, right?

Cassi the wonderus jungle gym.   

Becca, the teenager looking for signal to get her text sent to her dad who was outside the condo.  Yeah, we are lazy like that.
  Teenager + bad service = frustration.  
Can you hear me now?

Then off to mini golf.  Mia loved to count her strokes.  Good thing she can count high.  She needed to.  

Annie trying to get into jail?  What?  Crazy girl.  

Here are some funny jumping photos.  

Jason was having the best time.  Love that kid.  

Miss Hollywood!!!

Then off to a hike.  Well, one away from the ticks.  

Sweet sisters.
 We left these dudes playing more tennis.

We made it to the top.

 My artsy photo while the kids were sliding down the hill.  I am way too valuable to do that.

Here is a video of the kids sliding down the infamous hill.  Sorry that I am blond and turned the camera sideways.  It happens.  


Claudine said..., fun, fun!! And don't hold your breath on it slowing down. I kept thinking it would as soon as summer came, but it's just not! It sure is fun though, right? Think how boring life could be!!!

Brenda said...

Loved the photos.... it looks like you had a great time.

melissa hunt said...

some days boring would be nice, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. SO thanks, we did have a great day!!