Monday, February 11, 2013

The road trip that hated discount tires.

9 kids on a 5 hour road trip, sounds fun, right?  I know you are jealous.

Entertainment:  Becca's foot on the ceiling.  Yes, that is her foot.
 Look, miracles do happen.  They do like each other, and James now loves books.  Wow, I know.
 How many hotel rooms?  Too many.  One room had these 3 little ladies,
These 4 rug rats in the attached room.

And sadly I forgot to take a photo of room 3 that had these bed jumpers plus a 14 year old plus a 9 year old. Oh and John and me.  
This is why we didn't go swimming.

Matchy Matchy cousins.  Wow, we miss this kid.
A new Hyrum's creation.  Pulling Mia on a sled with his remote control car.  Brilliant!
Bonus:  A dance recital.
(Sorry, forgot to rotate.)  Here is the sweet dancer girl.

(I was using my mom's camera and I obviously don't know how to use it.  So blurry photos, but you can use your imagination, right?)  They were taking over the dance stage.  Fun dance moves.
More dance moves, but I think they had better practice a little harder.  They don't look like they are even on the same song.
Hyrum and Annie's creation.  An ice/slush wall.  Awesome!!!!!
Here we all are.  What a good looking bunch of coconuts.  This is our goodbye to Brett photo.  He is going on a 2 year LDS mission to San Fernando, CA.
Dang, another blurry and sideways photo.  But another Hyrum creation.  A skate board behind his remote control car.  Double awesome!!
And now we go home.  Bummer.
Here is where discount tires comes into the picture.  My check tire light for my right rear tire had been warning me that it was low. So, they day we left, I hauled 3 kids into discount tire and told them my problem. The dude checked the tires and filled them up and told me I was fine.  Well,  I wasn't fine.  There was a huge bolt stuck in the tire.  So, the warning came up again and my very smart husband pulled over and had to change it before we were stuck on the side of the road.  It was so dang freaking cold.  James was a great assistant.

After the flat tire, we ran into a horrible storm. Even more fun. That made the ride even better.  So our 5 hour ride home, took 7 1/2 hours.  Totally awesome.  woot woot.  Love me an awesome road trip.


FosterCareQandA said...

I love seeing how much fun your family always seems to be having together!

Claudine said... miserable!! But we are so glad you came! It was so great that there were so many cousins to play with and for Hyrum to entertain! :) He's always up for some fresh meat! Thanks for making the sacrifice to be here for Brett.