Friday, October 21, 2011

You know you are Psych Fan when...

I found this on that same website.  I didn't write it.  I would hope mine would be funnier, but I am not in a clever mode, so here goes someone elses attempt.

1.  You find yourself working the word 'Jujumagumbo' into conversation.
2.  When your with your friends you start doing the fist bump.
3. USA Networks bans you from sending them a new script for Psych episode every week
4.  You actually think Shawn & Gus are real people.
5. You find yourself arguing with your friends about how Psych is the best show on television.
6.  You try to divine the amount of hats in any given room. (beanies don't count).

1 comment:

Claudine said...

I have the Psych theme for my text ring tone. Just the first few notes went off the other day and someone came over to me--you watch Psych too??? I thought it was hilarious that she recognized it by like 4 notes!!