Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calling All Psych-o's

(This dang blog is taking forever for me to write.  So when I say this weekend, I mean sometime in my past. ha ha ) 

One of our families favorite show is PSYCH.  We have watched it since the beginning and loved every episode.  The writers are so clever and the actors are super hilarious.  This weekend, they had a sleepover.


Sadly in my timezone, it started at 1 am.  I had a hard time deciding if I should stay up.  Here is my facebook status for that day.

I need advice on today's first world problem. I just found out that the psych sleepover marathon is on at 11 eastern, 1 am mountain time. I thought it was 11 mountain. So do I channel my inner teenager and stay up all night or be the old fogie that I am and just DVR it for another day? What to do, what to do.
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So, guess what?  I decided to stay up.  So 3 of the Crosby girls came over; Sammy, Allie and Jessie.  The funny thing is that the teenagers took a little nap before the show.  Only Cassie and Allie cared to wake up and come and join the party.

1 AM

Here is the sleepy heads when we went to wake them up.

 Another funny thing is that Mia and Jason were still awake in the green room.  ha ha
 The party is going to start!!!  We started it a few mins. late to miss commercials, but our DVR wigged out and we missed the first part of the show.   That happened to me my 2nd favorite episode.  But, oh well.  We just missed the first few mins.  John ended up going to bed as it started.  He was getting a headache, so he joined the party poopers party.
 I scrapbooked for the first few episodes, but the I was getting brain dead so I ended up on the couch too.

Sugar anyone?

We are still going at 3 am.  And we still look fabulous if I do say so myself.  

 They woke up for the 4am hour.  These crazies.  Didn't last long, but they get an A for effort.  

Yeah, we made it to the end!!!  It is now 6 am.  Last show.  It was such a super fun night.  Definately one for the memories.  

Here we are, sideways, I know, but the 3 of us did it.  We might have dozed a bit at one point.  (Okay, I slept from 4:00-4:30.  But hey, I am old)

Thanks Psych for the fun sleep over and thanks to my kids for letting me feel young at heart!!!  

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