Monday, August 18, 2014

Can I check color run off my bucket list because I walked with my kids when they did it?

I hope so. I have always wanted to do a color run. I have ran 2 5k's. Sadly, I hate running. I don't understand people that enjoy it. It is complete and utter torture. So when a mom in the neighborhood told me about one for kids, I threw my kids into it. It was on Annie's birthday so we forced (ok, not forced, but kind of mandatory) a few of her friends to join us.

(Super sorry for the highlighted ad words.  I have got to figure out how to get rid of those. . . sorry.  I hope you can read it with them there :0)

Now, I have a fun video that John filmed.  But I still have to get it uploaded before I share it.  So here are the after photos.  Are you ready?  

This was just a 1 mile run.  I walked with Jonah.  The funny thing was that we had to walk around the park before we walked around the neighborhood.  Josh took off with other kids and just ran it by himself.  I had to walk with Jonah to help him stay focused and not stop to examine every . . . little . . . thing.  After Jonah and I finished the park and went to keep going, he told me it was too hard and he wanted to go with Braden.  Funny thing is, Braden was done with the whole dang race by that point.  Ugggg.  
Yep, the 6 foot 7 baseball star won.  He beat all the kids.  (Seeing how all the kids except mine were probably 11 or younger, but who cares.  He won dang it!!!)

Wait, I thought this race was for kids?  

Beyonce's hair was my favorite thing of the entire race.  Isn't it fantastic?

Jonah just kept throwing it in is own face.  ha ha Why he thought this in his eyes was a good idea, I will never know.  

I will end on grumpy Josh.  He didn't want to hold still long enough to get his photo taken.

I know the next thing on your mind.  What was that laundry like.  I have one word for you. . . 


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Brenda said...

The race looks like it was lots of fun! I thought your racing days were over! Love the photos! Glad you all have a wonderful time.