Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I think I need a reality show.

Even if it's just to show the reaction on peoples faces when they find out how many kids I have. The comment I used to get the most was "who helps you?" But sad to say, John and I are raising them on our own. We don't have a grandma, aunt, nanny or neighborhood teenager that helps out. Only my own teenagers. A mom at my kids dance class hires someone to drive her kids to their activities. Sad to say, it is all us. But really it's OK with us. We signed up for this many kids. No complaints here. And we are in the homestretch to have our own drivers. (I am not judging anyone who is lucky enough to have these immenities. I am just describing my life, as boring as it is.)

Now that the babies are getting older, a whooping 4 next month, it is mostly the awkward look of shock that overcomes peoples faces.

Here is an example. We took our family. Yep, all 9 kids plus 1 boyfriend to a local play area. John was off mini golfing with a few of the kids . I had the younger ones in a slide area when my most energetic 3 year old wanted to join them. So I stalled as long as I could to give the others a head start. There is no way the littles can last long on an activity like that. Anyways, so I brought the little kids over as they were nearing the end.

And the man on the hole before them asked me the age old question "Are they all yours?" And as I was answering with my so not clever answer of "yes, I have 9 kids". He was saying "all 6 of them?" I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Then there is the awkward silence because of the fact he thought 6 was a lot.

I wish I was a comedienne so I could think of funnier things to say. But I am not, so oh well. Years ago while I was knee deep in foster kids, I asked my dad for something funny to say and his responses for me were A. This is one of the benefits of being a polygamous wife or B. But I left the twins at home.
I haven't used those in a while. B. Is funnier to me now that I basically have 2 sets of twins.

So then we are out to dinner at the local buffet for James birthday. It is always a kids birthday favorite because they will eat a plate full of canned mandarin oranges or olives and try to convince me that it fulfills all the requirements for nutrients as they head off to choclate fondue anything and everything in sight. Then they think if they bring me something covered in chocolate it makes it all OK. Sad to say, it usually works.
OK,  back on topic. So Braden aka the boyfriend decided that we should have our own t.v. show since we are so entertaining. But to him. I am sure we look like a 9 ring circus. He is the youngest of 3 kids.

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