Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello, My name is Melissa and I love torturing myself.

Yes, we took 9 kids to an amusement park.  Thank heavens my parents came with us.  It was hard with the 4 little ones.  They did love it so I was grateful to have my parents to help chase happy babies.  

 Josh was not fun on the ferris wheel.  He just wanted to climb around and hang over the side.  Yeah, we were 150 feet up.  So Cassie and I had fun wrestling him.  Guess what?  We won.  Yahoo
 We got a little wet on rattlesnake rapids.  Well, except for Grandma.  Someone gave her a poncho before we got on, lucky gal.  
 I love babies and popcicles.  
 They are so clean.  
 Can you see Grandpa down there with the stroller?  It was great to have Gpa and Gma to help with the kids.  They are wonderful.  

Then we bounced back for a second day a few days later.  I only took the bigger kids and John stayed home with the little ones.  It was super fun to hang out with the older 5.  We had a lot of fun.  We did the water park and the rides again.  
We even got Grandma and Grandpa on some rides.  

This ride is called "the one grandma almost died on".  She flipped and as Annie put it, "You were under for 15 seconds, Grandma. You scared me."  But guess what?  The second time down, grandma didn't even flip. Can't say that much for Grandpa though.  

 Look, Becca can fold herself in half.  
 Here's the end of the ride that grandma almost died. It's not that I don't love James, he didn't want to ride on it.  Here is heredity in action.  Like how everyone squishes their face back?  Super attractiveness.  

 Yeah, I wasn't that lucky.  And I was still squishing my face.  dang we are good.  
  So Becca, Cassi, James, and Annie decided to go on the scary white slide.  Here is a sideways photo of James coming down.  This straight down part was after around 11 seconds in a tube.  I think the 3 shadows at the bottom are awesome.  Even our shadows are cute.  

Here are zoomed in photos.  What freaking brave kids I have.  
 And little Anna Sophia.  

 After the slide, poor Cassi had hit her heel on the bottom of the pool  She ripped a big chunk of skin off.  Ouch.  The creepy lifegaurd (we call him that because he was at least 25 and winking at my sweet daughters.  I wanted to punch him out.) told her to go to the first aid, but we had to stay and wait for annie.  So Grandpa counted each of the times the kids came out so I could get their photo.  He was counting to 20, 21, 22 when Annie still hadn't come out, we were getting pretty nervous.  Then out she came.  She kept getting stuck in the tube and had to push herself out.  I think she was just too light for the slide.  Poor little thing.  
 Jason's concoction for lunch. Can you tell what it is?  An Oreo sandwich.  Yum Yum
 Becca and Annie upside down.
  I had convinced Grandma to go that she didn't have to flip.  But Gpa did, the stinker.  You can kind of see them upside down.  ha ha 

 Well, I guess I will end my novel here.  Can't wait to torture myself again someday!!!

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It looks like you guys had so much fun! Awesome!