Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holy Crap, they are going to do WHAT?

My family and I went to the local amusement park.  Guess what some of my family did?

Grandma, Cassie, and John, Annie and James went on the skycoaster. What is a skycoaster you ask?  

"The attraction operates by putting the participant in a full body harness (usually referred to as a flight suit), that supports the flyer (from one to three at a time), in a prone position. The harness is then connected to the flight support cables.

From a static point approximately 6 feet above the ground, the flyers are then pulled aloft by a launch cable to nearly the top of the launch tower. At this point the flyers are approximately 143 feet above the ground with the flight cables taut and the flight is ready to begin. Upon being given the signal, the flyers pull the rip cord, releasing them from the launch cable, and they begin to rapidly swing towards the ground at speeds reaching up to 80 mph. The overall feeling is similar to that of swooping along the ground in a hang glider, or that of skydiving."

Before they went on their adventure, Grandma was giving Becca advice in case Grandma didn't make it.  Becca didn't go on the skycoaster because just the thought of it made her palms sweat.  

 What was her advice you ask?  Go on a mission and marry in the temple.  

Here is a photo of our flyers.  After I took this photo, we had a surprise.  
 Annie decided that she wanted to fly.  This was very shocking.  She is a huge acrophobian.  (ha, look at my big word.  So you don't have to google it, I will tell you.  It means fear of heights.  In fact, she even has a hard time driving up in the mountains.  She just sits in the back of the van bawling and panicking.)  I was super proud of her.  She was wearing her flip flops so I ran to our stuff to grab her tennis shoes.  I came back and James had decided that if his little sister could go, so could he.  

Here is some preparation photos.  

 I was dying inside watching them try to find a harness that would fit Annie.  Super scary.  uggggg
 So I decided to video it since I can take photos off the video.  So I only have a few photos and you will just have to watch the video.  
 After they were back.  Cute flyers, aren't they?
 Yeah, little flyers!!!

And after the ride.  I am so proud of these guys.  They are amazing.  

 Grandma and Cassie went together.  Cassie was going to pull the ripcord.  They got to the top and Cassie said, "Ready  Grandma?"  There was silence so Cassie figured she was and she pulled it.  

Then on the other side, the workers showed John how to lean around Annie to pull the cord.  As they were going up Annie said, "I can do it Dad, I can pull it."  John was worried she would pull it to early but the workers did the count down and sure enough, Annie waited a min.  then she did it.  She did great.  Not too shabby for 9 years and 1 day old.  

Now, here is the video.  I do have a disclaimer.  We seem to attract the crazies.  Anyone else feel this way? So as they were getting in to their harnesses a crazy family was watching.  Now in my video you can hear them talking.  You can hear the dad going on about that he doesn't want to leave until the little girl goes.  I also don't think he realized both groups were with me because he kept telling me stuff about Annies group like I wasn't paying attention.  Then the crazy son pipes up.  He was sure that John was going to puke.  So the irritating boy you hear fake vomiting, yeah, he's not mine.  Gotta love the crazies.  Well, enough explanation.  Enjoy.  

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