Sunday, September 2, 2012

Have you ever wanted to see a 4 year old in a dunk tank?

Here is your chance to see two of them.  

We had a super fun neighborhood party.  
It was a safety fair block party thing.  

Here is my disclaimer.  My kids were running wild all over.  This is just an odd assortment of photos.  Enjoy.

No party is complete without face paint.

 And a weird animal train thing-a-ma-jig.  

 Wow, firemen are awesome.  
 and back to the weird animal train,  chug a chug a chug.

 Ahhhhhhh attack of the killer bunny hickey.
 I take it back, no party is complete without a game of smash ball.  (or a teenager posing for the camera)
 ok, so they need to work on their snow cone eating skills.  
Notice John in the background?  He can't resist the game.  
 Now, what you have been waiting for. . . .the dunk tank. 

(I do have to apologize for my loud, irritating, and annoying voice.  Where is my mute button?)
First off:  Annie
 Second:  Jason
 Third:  Zach
 Fourth is Mia (with help of Becca)
 Fifth:  Annie again
 Sixth:  Elly with Cassi's help
 Seventh:  Beyonce
Here is a short break . . . 

 Don't you hate when you wear the same outfit as someone else to a party?
 Eighth: James
 and finally 
Ninth: Andy

And because inquiring minds want to know . . . none of my children got sick from being in that nasty brown water.  Amazing, isn't it?  

 Fun with Kim
 Yep, they got a little wet.  Wet equals cold, darn it.  

 Cute friends.  
 Oops, sorry Sammy, didn't mean to leave you out.  Cute friends.  Now we are just missing Becca.

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