Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What the babies have been up to . . .

2 year old twins are quite the handful to say the least.  My 2 little rug rats have a new trick.  Wanna see?
   (Before I show them off, please realize that they are getting a hair cut today and I promise I do dress them.  Sometimes.)

Step 1:  Put ride on cars on their beds.
 Step 2:  Get settled in
 Step 3:  They are only 2, it takes a min to get everything just so.
 Step 4:  The laughing begins
 Step 5:  Just keep laughing.  Laughing is good for your soul.  
 Step 7:  Resume laughing
 Step 8:  Repeat with twin B
 Step 9:  Start over at the beginning again.  

James went in that night and videoed them.  Last night, they were doing it again, and saying "Ready?  Go!"

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