Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's bowl, Let's bowl, Lets rock and roll!!!

 Sometimes it is hard to take all the kids out.  But I think it is important that kids get experiences.  It isn't their fault they have a lot of siblings!!!  ha ha

So we went bowling.

 Go Cass
 Elly's quite the little bowler.  
 Go baby A, Go
 The wait is killer.  
 Boo Yah!!
 Go baby B, go.

 It is completely impossible to get these babies to look at the camera together.  Little stinks.
 Little Mee Mee is rocking her long socks and bowling shoes.
 Jamie was getting the hang of bowling the right way.
 No outing is complete without a melt down or temper tantrum.  

 Daddy's college bowling class was shining through.  

 So, we won't be bowling again for a while, but dang we had fun.  

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