Friday, May 17, 2013

Dancing Queen Numero Dos

Without going into a way long story that will probably get me in trouble, Cassi should have been on the jr. high school dance company this past year.  It is sad that she wasn't.  She missed out dancing with her sister and 2 best friends.  She is amazing and I won't go into how even adults bully.  I will just tell the good news.  

Cassi is a fabulous girl who tried out again this year.  She was pretty nervous for the tryouts.  They were going to post the results before 7pm the day of tryouts.  So about 6ish, Becca saw on instgram that the results were up.  James was at ball practice and the kids were playing outside with some neighbor kids, so I had them all come in and left Andy and An in charge. We were running around the house saying, "No one check the internet!!!  No electronics!!!"   John, Becca, Cassi and I hopped in the car and sped over to grab Allie and Jessie.  And we nervously hustled over to the Jr. High.  

Poor Cassi said, "I have a bad feeling about this".  We pulled up to the school and the other girls ran ahead.  Cassi did the slow, nervous walk that must be genetic.  Next thing we know, this is happening. . . 

She made it!! 

(The funny part about having girls that dance, tights and the little dance shorts are an always worn item at out house. Like yesterday, Becca did drill from 5:45-7:15.  Dance company for 1st period and then more drill from 4-7.  So needless to say, they are always in dance clothes!!!)

We are so proud of Cassi for persevering through all the hard times last year.  I am proud of her for trying again and not letting people get her down.  I am also thankful for a principal who was a part of it this year so we knew the results were not rigged.  

Love you Cassi, have a great and amazing year as a freshman.   

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