Friday, May 17, 2013

Are you tired of dancing posts yet?

There has been a lot of dancing in our lives, I guess for the past 12 or 13 years.  We still have a bit to go this school year with the last recital coming up.

Anyway, back on topic.  Our elementary school has a dance festival every year.  It is a lot of fun.  Each of the grades do a dance.  Here are my favorite, only because my cute kids are in it.  Ha ha Okay, I guess this is another post that only a grandma will love.

Here is Mia with Kindergarten.  Mia and Breanna are so dang adorable.  

Now on to 2nd grade.  Whoe doesn't love a good Macarena?

No 4th grade year is complete without square dancing (EWWWW, touching a boy, ick.)

I have to throw in a video of Beyonce. It was so adorable and she did the worlds best air guitar. I love this girl.


And last but not least, here is James with the 6th grade that reminded me of growing up in Idaho. Line dances anyone?


There you have it!!  Was that fun?  I am going to add one more video.

After all the grades were done, they turned the chicken song on and all the kids were dancing.  The babies had a blast.  Jonah disappeared but it all turned out ok.  They were so fun to watch.  Especially when the big girls went to go dance with the babies and the babies thought they were taking them away and they wouldn't touch them.  Ha ha

Did I bore you to death?

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Anonymous said...

Children and dancing are never boring...