Monday, May 13, 2013

It has been so long since I blogged that the babies are starting preschool!!!

This is my view as I write this blog post.  

  We are having gorgeous weather.  We are going to be almost 90 today.  Since I am a cheapskate, we are playing outside instead of turning on the A/C.

Anyway, so little Jonah and Joshua have been diagnosed with a moderate developmental delay.  So they are starting in our school districts special education preschool.  Sadly, Jonah was pushed through faster so he already started, but Josh will be close behind him. 

On Jonah's first day, we had a little photo shoot.
 Mia had put body stickers all over everyone one.  She was showing hers off.  Yes, Jonah started his first day of preschool with a One direction Tattoo.  That is how we roll here.    
 Sweet twins.  I love this photo.  A new one for the frames.  
 Oh, this boy melts my heart.  How cute is he?  
Yep, the original twin terrors.  This is also one of my favorite pics.  These 2 keep me on my toes for sure.  But I am very thankful to have them in my family.  If not, my youngest would be in first grade next year, and who would entertain me for the next 3 years?  

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