Thursday, August 29, 2013

I finally took her to kindergarten on the right day. Yeah me!!!

Guess what I did?  I took Elly to school on the right day!! Hooray!  I know, small victories.  Maybe I should take myself out for a treat.  Yep, I think I should.  

 Here are Kim and my rug rats that are in either kindergarten or 1st grade.  What a good looking bunch of coconuts if I do say so myself.  Alyssa, on the end in a blue shirt looks scared to death.  But hey, it is the first day of many, many school days in her future.   (Notice the photo bomb by Josh.  He was wishing he could go to school.  Poor kid)
 Chase and Elly are in the same class.  They were in line and Chase couldn't see her and he was all "Where's Elly?"  I showed him and he was all "Oh, good."  I am glad they have each other.  Cute little farts.  
 Kim is going to hate me for posting this.  But hey, I don't think anyone even reads it this anyway, right?  She officially has all 8 of her kids in the public school system.  She is where I will be in 2 years.  That her oldest will graduate high school when the youngest graduate kindergarten.  She was thrilled to say the least.  :)
I hope your first days of school went as well as ours!!!

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