Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stupid thing to say, but I had so much Fun.

Okay, best concert ever!!!!

Sorry to say that it was better than when I saw Richard Marks with Wilson Phillips opening.  Or Kenny Rogers, or the Hermans Hermit dude, or Kenny Rogers, or the Oak Ridge Boys, or Raven-Symoné.  Ok, so I haven't been to a ton of concerts.  

Fun. was amazing live.  I was worried when there were a few times on t.v. I saw them and they were not the best.  But I think it was on morning shows and maybe they are just not morning people.  This concert was incredible.

I love so many of their songs.  I actually tried to blog about them a while back, but it was taking too long to find songs and get them posted.  I bought these tickets back in Feb. or March.  A few months ago, I was telling my little brother, Brian that I had tickets.  He told me he liked Nate when they were the Format, before Fun.  Lucky him, I had bought 2 extra tickets :) So it was fun to go with them.  

We were so close to the stage.  We waited forever.  We were pretty excited.
It's not everyday that you are photo bombed when you are taking a photo of a semi-famous person.  How awesome is that nose picker in the corner?  Do you recognize the stalkerish guy that was staring at me as I took his photo?  Yep, it one of the Kid History dudes.  Ha ha
We were not smooshed together at all.  (Insert sarcasm)
Tegun and Sara were the opening act.  They were pretty good, but I didn't know many of their songs.  And no offense, but all their songs sounded the same.  

Turns out that we were right next to Brian's friend from high school.  He was fun to chit chat with.  We stood there sooooooooooooooooo long.     And we were closer than most people ever get to one another.  Or really should get with one another without a ring and a licence.  After Tegan and Sara were done, everyone squished up another 15ish feet.  And we thought we were smooshed before that.  But the good thing is that we were closer to Nate and the gang.  Woot Woot

But they came and in tear-a-way tuxes.  Holy Cow Cool.
Here is some of my awesome photos.  Yeah for this concert!!!!!

Ok, and the song I fell in love with them . . .  (you will have to pretend you can't hear us singing or screaming along.  In case you can't tell, I had a whole bushel of Fun. that night.)

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