Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bring on the Boys

Becca was asked to homecoming. 
Sadly, I missed out in the festivities.  John and I had theater tickets. 
Becca had Braden pick her up from drill practice. 
Before, he came over and made a scavenger hunt leaving letters that spelled his name around the house.   

Map drawing central

Throwing dum dums everywhere.

 After he dropped Becca off he snuck back in the house.  To her bedroom, yeah, thats not creepy.  ha ha 

 However, even though Braden was standing in her room, she misspelled the letters to Benard.  Brilliant.  

The babies also helped Jace ask a girl on drill out.  How sweet are they?!?!?!?

Tis the season to get a gun.  I have way too many girls. 

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