Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holy crap, it's quiet

We have had some changes around here.  Hubbie started a new job and I have all 9 kids in school.  It is so quiet in my house for a few hours day.  I have even gone shopping and to the bathroom alone.  It was fantastic.  (well, going to the bathroom was average, but the shopping was fantastic!!)  I love it.  

However, I am super paranoid and stressed out that I am going to forget someone.  Here is some of what is on my plate.  1 in high school, 2 in jr. high, 3 in elementary, 1 in kindergarten, 2 in private preschool, same 2 in special ed preschool, 7 kids in dance class, young womens, young mens, a drummer in a youth symphony, drill team, 5 in piano lessons. ugggg, that is all that I can come up with right now.  

I did forget someone last week, but I was just glad that it was Becca.  She has a cell phone.  I wasn't too worried.  But I am super worried that I am going to forget a smaller child.  I can't tell you how many times a day, I run through my head where all my children are.  Uggggggg  This just might kill me.  

Anyway, I guess one of these days, I will wrap my head around having some alone time.  Dang, this is strange.  

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