Sunday, September 29, 2013

Little Miss Homecoming

My little baby had her first date.  Homecoming date was a hit.  She had a ton of fun.  They looked awfully smashing if I do say so myself.  And since it was my first kid and her first dance, there was lots of photo taking.  I wonder what it will be like with the babies.  If I will be like, "take a photo for me, too busy . . . "  ha ha  Ok, I am sure I will be just as crazy.

It it kind of fun that they are so tall.  She is 5'11'' and he is 6'7". 
Becca was having a hard time pinning on his boutonniere. Which I said was a rite of passage.  Then his dad tried to help.   
Which just led to some blood loss, so John stepped up to help.  
Success for a few mins.  
The joke was - Who is better at it, the BYU dad or the UTE dad?  Answer?  Bradens mom.  She finally got the dang thing to stay.  

Here is all the adorable kids in their group.  

Just chillaxing.

Yeah, they are not tall at all.

Well, all in all, they had a great night.  I think she will want to date more, what do you think?

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Brenda said...

She is absolutely beautiful! He is such a great kid, too! Looks like they had a wonderful time.