Friday, March 7, 2014

This is a hard part about having girls 13 months apart. . .

I remember sitting in the hospital after I changed into a gown to give birth to my second baby girl, more than 15 years ago. I started bawling "I just did this. I can not do this again. I was just here!!".  Potty training was the same. Some milestones are fun to get to do again a year or so later. Like now we are teaching the girls to drive. Basically at the same time since drill has been to busy to add a drivers class in there.

Speaking of drill, Holy drill batman!!! I never knew how all consuming drill is. It has been a blast to watch and be a part of. Becca had so much worry and stress about wanting to be on this team last year. Yet it seems like yesterday. Now we get to do it again. Cassi is going to try out. I do worry, only because the coach is leaving and I am not sure what direction she wants to go. Cassie is a beautiful dancer. I am super excited for her.

Now, on to last night. It was the drill showcase. It was such a fun night. For the past 2 nights, the drill girls had mini clinics for kids. All the kids except James and Jason did it. I wish I took more photos. For some reason, I have been getting caught up in the moment and not recording them. Cause, ya know, if it's not in a scrapbook, it didn't happen  :0)

So here are some photos and videos I did take. Woot woot

 The girls were presented.  In their fancy, shmancy dresses.  How georgous is Becca boo boo face?

Here's the cute team.  What a fun bunch of girls.  
 Here is her cute little buddy that did the partner dance with her.  Crazy kid to get up and go to school by 6am.  Friends are awesome.

Words of advice before her coach is no longer her coach.  
Wow, what amazing drill faces.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  

 Coach Dannie.  She is a great coach.

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