Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am totes making unspotted dick this weekend, how about you?

(So this post is about a month old. I have no idea why I didn't post it.  So, here ya go. )

We also did some massive pottering.  Can you tell we love Psych?  That is such a fun t.v. show.  The season episode was in London with many references to spotted dick, but my mom made unspotted dick so that is what I will make.  It is not my families favorite but who really cares?  I don't.  Anyway, so Gus introdused us to pottering.  

  So we had some fun with this.  Here


Brenda said...

I want some unspotted dick! How did it taste? I am sure you and the twins were the only ones that would eat it. I love it! When I get home, will you make some for me! Loved the pottering photos! Love you all! Grams

Kim Crosby said...

I love the pictures, they are great!