Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twins bite, hit, and scratch, but our first twin caused instacare visit

So here's the story.  The twins and Elly were playing in the sand box.  I went inside to pick up.  Jonah started screaming.  Elly came running in and Annie ran from the front.  Josh had hit Jonah in the face with something.  Elly told me 3 different things he was hit with, so I am still not sure what.  But I grabbed my camera since I don't have a lot of proof of the babies abusing each other.  I took this photo.

I grabbed a rag and cleaned him up and said "uh oh"
  This was worse than I thought. The cut wasn't very deep but it was pretty swollen and split.  
So off to Instacare.

 I had to throw a bit of a tantrum to be seen.  I was not happy.  Then they had talked about stitches, but figured the best thing to do was to glue.  But the story isn't over.  The clinic was out of glue.  So Cassie and I were stuck entertaining ourselves and a two year old while someone drove some over from another clinic.  

The story is still not over yet.  So then, he was laying on the bed great.  The nurse was holding it shut while the doctor got the glue ready, but I guess it stung because he jerked his lip down and as they were trying to hurry and hold it and fix it, they ended up gluing his nose to his upper lip.  Yep, they really did.  Anyway, all is well now.  They fixed it.  But I am not sure they did the best.  Oh well.  
 He is super adorable with his giant band-aid.  yeah, that didn't last long.  
 Here it is all glued up.  All thanks to his twin.  ha ha


Claudine said...

Oh...poor little guy. That makes me sad to look at. What a story!! Nothing is ever easy is it? :)

Claudine said...

Oh...and why did you have to throw a tantrum to be seen? I don't get that one?!

Chris 'n Leah said...

Hey Melissa, it's Leah. I just found you on facebook and sent you a friend request. I am "cl jensen" so accept me and we can keep in touch even more!