Monday, December 16, 2013

There is always time for sledding. . .

well, for the kids, that is.  Way too cold for me.  We had a pretty good snow storm, but sadly the temperature dropped fast.  I swear we were holding strong in the 50's that wam bam thank you mam we were 5 degrees.  So, the kids had some friends come over (or as we like to say, cousins.  ha ha)  They just had a little bit of time and we had to cover up the girls hair to save the curls.  It was nutcracker night.  Can't waste all the hours spent sleeping in curlers, now can we?

Do you like how I just hopped out of the car and shot these photos through the fence?  I am not crazy.  It was like 9 degrees outside.  John and I dropped them off, ran to the grocery store and came back and picked them up.  Yeah.  Cold.  

Not to change the sledding topic, but did you know if you have to take the trash and recycle out and it's cold and snowy and you are too lazy to go get shoes that boxes work great?  

Well, at least until you need to leave the boxes outside.  Ha ha 

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