Sunday, December 15, 2013

James aka Mister Symphony

So, I am pretty slow in blogging my busy Christmas season.  Oh, wait.  I am too busy to blog.  If youtube was faster, I would be faster.  Oh well.  Back on subject.

So the other day, I took the 3 littles to watch James perform at some random school. He is in a youth symphony that he goes and plays in once a week.  They went around to elementary schools to preform.  He did great.  It was so fun to watch him.  They also did an evening concert that John went with him because I had all the other kids at the elementary school choir.

 Here is his cute little face.  

This is my favorite song they played.  

 Do you like my selfie?   I was enjoying having these 2 little farts on my lap.  I am going to miss the day I am not sharing my lap between 2 kids.  On one hand, it will be a beautiful day.  To sit at school stuff by myself, but I sat there cuddling these cuties realizing that for all the work it is, I will miss this.
I can't forget the little sweetie sitting next to me.  

Near the end, the conductor had his life long friend there.  They met in band when they were young.  This guy did a little solo because the school we were at was his school a bazillion years ago.  This guy was really fun to listen to.  I guess he used to play for the Osmonds.  Now he just does weddings.  Ha ha
 (Sorry, it is had to hear him.  The beginning is boring, he is just explaining the different drums.  So be patient.)  

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