Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seriously? Talk about bad luck . . .

Becca always wanted to be on the drill team.  Fast forward, she made it.  The most important thing she wanted to do was dance in military.  Guess what?  She made military.  She was lectured that she had to do well, because no one can take her place.  She is too tall and will be the center of the kick line.  When Becca wants something she goes all out to get it.  

Here she is practicing in the lobby at her eye appt.  

How adorable is she?

Here is the first time they performed their military.  Speaking of how busy we are, I had 6 kids at the high school for the nutcracker dress rehearsal.  Becca was too busy with drill to even go to the dress rehearsal.  Sadly, I had to miss Cassi's last dance. Good thing it was just a practice.   But we took off hurrying down the halls.  Did I ever mention that our high school is gargantuan?  
We showed up just in time to watch this: 

 Now, here is a disclaimer:  She does a great mean face.  Please know that she is really adorable.  I could barely recognize her out there.  Who knew?

Now fast forward to last weekend.  She was hurrying to get ready to go out with her friends.  She went to jump over the vacuum and run up the stairs to leave.  And the bonehead sprained her ankle.  Yes, she sprained her ankle a week before competitions start.  State is next month.  Talk about a crappy accident.  

It got even bigger and uglier as the days went on.  Poor thing.  

Here she was last night.  She was pretty upset.  She feels awful.  They had to cancel the practice in front of family.  And now her team mates are spending hours trying to change formations since she can't dance in their first comp on Saturday.  Ok, so she  doesn't look very sad, but she had just finished being sad.  And was eating waffles so that made her happy.  Who isn't happy with waffles at 10 at night?  Now everyone needs to cross their fingers that the coaches will hopefully put her back in for state.  She is in the military and hip hop.  So, there you have it.  Becca with the bad luck.  Darn it all.  

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