Thursday, February 2, 2012

College? What? She was just in diapers.

I had the scariest meeting the other day.  Becca's school counselor wanted to discuss college.  ~GULP~  Okay, okay, so  she is only 14.  But high school is so busy, I am afraid it will go by too fast.  14-18 has so many fun things.  She will learn to drive, date, get a job.  So many grown up things.  It is too crazy.

So in this meeting, we learned about high school credits and what she needs to do and focus on to get in to college.  What? college?  I loved college.  The only problem is in my 2 years of college (Ok, so I really did 2 1/2 years,  I started before John so I took less credits so we finished at the same time.) I had a great time.

I had some really fun roommates.  I have great memories with these gorgeous girls.

I met a really great, good looking, sweet, wonderful (I could go on all day) man.

(No making fun of my mad scrapbooking skills.  I was scrapbooking before scrapbooking was cool!!!)

We got married . . . 
(Cut me some slack, there wasn't very many, or cute scrapbooking stuff as there is now.  Stop judging.  ha ha)

And we had a baby.  

All in 2 years at a junior college.  So yeah, when I am supposed to start thinking and planning for my baby, I think I deserve to get a little freaked out, don't ya think?

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Claudine said...

Just wait till it's actually time for her to go to college! It will be tomorrow...I promise. I didn't realize you were 12 when you were in college and getting married. don't they have laws about that?