Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

We hope you had a happy leap day.  Mine was spent cleaning house, taking care of a 4 year old with a nasty cough, taking 2 kids for an EKG and bubble study, doing laundry, hair cuts for 4 boys (thanks again Suz), curlers on the girls,  I guess I could go on, but then you would be bored.  

I really wanted super bad to take photos of our family jumping on the tramp today since it is leap year, get it?  Leap, jump.  ha ha I know, I am super clever.  But sadly, when I finally had the whole family home there was this outside.  

 So we got creative and did it in the front room.  I will apologize for the bad photography.  The lighting is horrible, but since these are just for fun, I didn't really care.  I hope you enjoy.  We sure did.  

 Go Banana!!!!!
 Awesome James
 Rock on Becca
 Wow Cass, how high are you?
 The babies didn't work so well.
 My irish twins.
 Go Elly!!

Jonah thought he was so dang funny.  He would stand there, laugh and and drop down.  Then crack up at himself.  He is so entertaining. 

I hope your day was more like Jason's and less like Mia's.  ha ha 

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