Monday, February 6, 2012

We are young . . . .

It is no secret that I love music.  I really do.  I love singing and dancing around my house.  I won't do it in public.  My children would never forgive me.  Yes, I am that embarrassing.  Okay, back on topic.  I love music.  So, during the super bowl, there was an ad that had the musical group Ok-go in it.  You can refer back to this post

(Keep in mind that I do not expect you to watch every video.  You can just watch snippets if you would like.  I don't blame you one bit.  That is what I would do.)

I don't know if I have linked to this yet, but I also totally love this video

How cool was that?  This is the same group that did this well known video.

Ok, once again, back on topic.  So during the superbowl, there was a cool commercial that OK go was in.

Here is the commercial.

So we looked on youtube and this is the awesome music video.

Did I mention that I love this group?  Why couldn't I be so clever.  But now, on to why I love music.  The commercial had a different song playing.  I am totally in love with it.  It is a bit '80's ish.  It is awesome.

Now, keep in mind.  I do not condone getting high.  I am sorry they mention it.   (This is the acoustic version.  If you watch the official video, note that I do not condone the getting high, ripping up stuffed horses, spitting out your milk, or hitting people with bottles.  But the video is still cool.  I want to be the person that got to whack the watermelon.)

The cool part is that Janelle Monae (that gorgoues woman with perfect, white, beautiful teeth) sings a song that Becca danced to for school.  Not my favorite song, but I have heard it so much that it is growing on me.
Okay, there you have it.  One of my new favorite songs.  "We are Young"    Now to go buy it on itunes.


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs. Cute how you get off then back on then off then back on topic. "We Are Young" is awesome.

fillheimer said...

grrr. We are young has been playing over and over in my head and on my puter since I listened to this earlier this week. CURSES! Great song, dude sounds like Tracy Chapman prior to the hook. Also, OK Go is awesome creative. I like the Marching band version of "This too shall pass".

Awesome post!