Monday, February 6, 2012

A day of Thanksgiving

In response to the Joshua Powell situation, I thought I would post some Thanksgiving photos.
I feel so horrible for those boys, their Grandparents and the case worker.  I feel like you would have to live under a rock to not know this story, but we hear a lot about this since she lived very close to us.  So you can read about the story here.   KSL story on the Powells

Those boys went though too much in their little lives.  I wish I could take away all the crazies and sadness in this world.  My heart is breaking with this depressing news.

I thought I would celebrate life and love in this post with some old photos.  

Here are all the little kids my mom and I piled in the bus to take to the candy store.  We love Grandma's candy store.  They have penny candy.  Well, it cost $.02.  But still I love the looks on their little faces when they have a handful of quarters as they try to make hard decisions on what candy they should destroy their teeth and get hopped up on sugar with.  But hey, it is Grandma's house.  You can do whatever you want.

Cousins, Yeah, I am speechless.  But nerf gun wars are the bomb!!!

Pretty Girls
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Sisters.
Wow Wes, way to  show off your guns!!
Now that's a motley crew.  
It is not thanksgiving with out a kids table.  And we have enough kids no adults needed to sit.  
The grown-ups table.  Awesome!!!!
Then we have the rug rats who napped through dinner.
Grandpa's little baby birds.  Poor Grandpa couldn't enjoy his pie without a few beggers.  
Lady Gaga, look out.  You have competition. 
Wow, amazing.  

I hope you spend some time playing today.
Sweet Grandpa let the kids drive the tractor.  
They thought that was amazing!!!!
Who cares how cold is it..  We love the outside.

Modeling the latest treat on her face, just lovely.  

I heart self-portraits.
We watch too many Ghost Hunter and Ghost Adventures.  We took this photo of Wes blowing out his candle and all we see is the orbs and wondering what dead people they could be.
Nothing is as fun as the spanking machine.  Woot Woot

 I hope you all hug your loved ones today.  And my prayers and thoughts are going out the the families and people involved in this case.  

As the family mourns this horrible loss, I hope they can feel comfort in the fact that at least those baby boys and their mother are back together, forever. 

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Claudine said...

Very sweet blog, Miss. Course, I do have to wonder why all those orbs are floating around MY head!!!