Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sadly, I have no clever blog title for this one. James Symphony and Elementary Choir

Jamie is a percussionist in an after school youth symphony.  He is having a great time with it.  They had their Christmas Concert.  It was the same night as the elementary choir so I went to watch him when the symphony went on a school tour.  I loved it.

You will have to excuse the horrible selfie, I am not a teenager so it is not in my blood.  But I have both babies sitting on my lap.  I was wondering when they will stop doing that.  I love it.  I only have the rest of this year and next year to haul them around. Then they will be in kindergarten and I will only haul them part time.  What will I do by myself?  I guess I will have to wait and find out.

 I can't leave out Miss Elly Belly.

And then they had a guest drummer. He was the drummer for the Osmonds. You can't hear him very well, but he was explaining the drumset to the kids. He had gone to school here when he was younger. It was fun to listen to him. So wait it out, ok?   
 What did you think?

Now on to the choir kids. . . 

 It's funny, but a few kids ago, I would have redone everyone's hair and made sure they were perfect, now?  I just stuck a flower in their hair that was done that morning and we ran out the door.  Oh well.  Such is life.  

 Tired and crazy teenagers.  Ha Ha

Can you tell that we like to keep our kids busy?  I love the choir.  I love that they know songs that I have forgotten.  Love it.  

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