Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Infamous Nutcracker - our 13th.

Ok, ok.  Last post for a few minutes at least.

I love this.  It is so dang long, but I love it.  Here are my kids dancing in the Nutcracker.  

I will not go in order of the Nutcracker.  I will go in age.  That way I won't forget anyone.  I am trying hard not to forget anyone on a daily basis, thank you.  Having 9 kids makes me use my brain, dang it.  

The twins were Seahorses during the ocean scene.  How adorable are they?  I must say though, that Josh hated his spandex outfit.  He has a mind of his own.  He was backstage, sitting in the middle of the hallway where dancers were running past.  So I scooched him over to the side and he was so mad.  He wanted to sit where he wanted to sit.  Becca took him to see if she could get him to cooperate.  It helped a bit.  But he was a bit of a booger on stage. And when one twin is a booger, the other one follows.   

(Sorry for all my comments on camera.  I need to remember to shut up when the video is on.  And it is not the best video.  My camera doesn't do the best in the dark.)

 Bribery for the dating years.

Elly was a butterfly in the waltz of the flowers.

Cassi was in 2 dances.  She was in Arabian and also forest with Becca.

Becca was the forest queen.  She finally made ensemble group at the studio but practices were the same night at drill.  So her teacher put her in as the queen that gets to hang on a rope.  It was tricky to even fit in practices.  During the only dress rehearsal she could go to was also a performance.  It was a good thing that they were both at the same school.

So keep an eye out for both girls :)

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Brenda said...

Love it! Thanks for blogging it so we could watch! Just wish we could have been there to see them dance! Great job, kids!