Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Christmas that had a flood. (part 2)

Our night started out with our pizza by candlelight.  John gets everyone the kind they want.    

 James was too sick to join us, Jason  tried, but just ended up back in bed.  Poor things.  Being sick over Christmas is miserable.  
 We acted out the Nativity.  Sans Mr. Sickest.  
 Then it was our Christmas Jammies time.  

 Miss Princess at heart  :)

Poor kid was too sick to even stand.  

Everyone sleeps in the same room . . .  (They had to anyways because of the flood.  Some of the water even went into the boys room.  So that was moved around too.)

 but James.  He was crashed out in his room.  

The sad thing that we might just have to make a tradition was wrapping their gifts.  I am a major procrastinator.  I wrap all my gifts on Christmas Eve.  I was so dang worn out from dealing with 9 kids, most of them sick and the flood all day, that there was no way that I could stay up all night wrapping all the gifts.  So this is what we did.

 We put everyone's gifts in their own black garbage bag.  Santa had wrapped his gifts, but on Christmas morning, the kids would just stick their hand in their bags and SURPRISE!!  randomly pull something out.  It worked out really well.  
We just might do it next year too.

I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas that was drier than ours  :)  Merry Belated Christmas!

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