Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just whistle while you work.

I was looking at facebook today. A friend asked if everyone cleans their house everyday.  I didn't even realize that some people might not clean everyday.  This is my jealous look.  I do clean everyday.
  Some days I feel like all I do is clean.  It gets pretty frustrating.  In my attempts to get things sorted, I have read alot of the FLYLADY
 and Peter Walsh.
  The thing is that I am not horribly messy.  Sadly, Hoarders wouldn't come and clean my house. But it is a daily struggle.  I am not an organized person.  I really wish I was.  My life is more chaos than anything else.  I follow a blog and she is very materialistic.  Even her bathroom drawers are clean and hardly anything in them. I have the opinion that if I get rid of it, I will want it again.  If I keep it, I won't want it.  So now I keep things. Seems easier. 

Okay, back on topic.  

There is a cleaning schedule that has worked for me for the past few years.  When I was living in an apartment with 1 to 2 kids, I thought it was so dang hard to keep clean.  What I wouldn't give to be back like that.  9 kids and a house with a yard is a lot of work.  So this is what I do.  

MONDAY:                      Sheets
                                                front room and tv room
                                                Deep clean
TUESDAY:                       Kitchen
                                                Deep clean
WEDNESDAY:              bedrooms
                                                deep clean
THURSDAY:                  Bathrooms
                                                deep clean
FRIDAY:                         Garage/outside                

If we aren't too busy on Sat., we might get a project done but for the most part Sat. and Sun is just maintaining.  
So I work on deep cleaning.  Here is my list of deep cleaning.


1. Master bedroom
2. Master bathroom
3. Babies room
4. Hall bathroom
5. Hall closet
6. Kitchen
7. Front Room
8. TV Room
9. Stairs
10. Green room
11. Hall bathroom
12. Laundry room
13. B and C's room
14. Boys room
15. Little girls room
16. Garage

I am super flexible.  (Not my body, just when I clean my house.) 
If I don't feel like cleaning, I do bare minimum.  Sometimes I get a burst of energy and do a bit of extra.  Like today, I moved and cleaned around the microwave.  Not a kitchen day, but still cleaned something. 

The big thing of my cleaning is 15 mins.  I used to deep clean and empty out a whole closet.  By the time I was putting things away, I was tired or out of time so I just shoved things back away.  Now what I do is 15 mins.  It is amazing how much you can get deep cleaned on just 15 mins.  Like today, my house was really messy so I did 15 mins. in each room and low and behold it is clean.  

Let me explain.  After child 5, clean = not embarrassing     So as long as it is clean not embarrassing, I am happy.  My house will never be perfect.  That is okay by me.  I also have a vinyl saying in my house that says "Excuse the mess - the kids are making memories." 

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Stephanie said...

I feel like I clean a lot, too. I heard someone say that cleaning the house is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. It never ends. As soon as you finish, you start over. Ugh.