Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: School Pictures

This morning, I spent an arm and a leg on my 2 jr. high kids school photos.  I can not believe how stinking expensive they are.  For 1 shot.   Uggggg.  Anyway, here is a website you have to go to.  I am sure you have seen the awkward family photos and awkward  pregnancy photos and all that.  But Barnes and Noble put some of the most awkward school photos on a page.  You have to go check it out.  You really must.  Very, very funny.  Check back and let me know what your favorite one is.  Mine is a toss up between the mullet dude that is named Megan and the orange crush.  Oh my, they are bad.  Hopefully my girls photos end up better!!!

Just click this link and off you go . . .

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Suzanne said...

I have to agree with you on "Megan" and "Orange Crush" I can't tell if they are girls or boys! The other one "sit it like Beckham" what male soccer player would ever pose like that?!