Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: Jerkwads

Yes, people frustrate me.  I got a phone call from the principal at the elementary school where I have 3 kids attending.  My first thought is, oh crap, what kid did what?

Then she tells me that James bike was stolen and there is a very sad boy I need to talk to.  She puts James on and I learn some moron cut the bike chain on his and jasons bike.  The morons left Jasons and Annies.  And just took James nicer one.  They also stole another kids bike plus someone bike yesterday.

Maybe it was this guy,

or this guy.

James was so upset.  I felt so bad.  That was his 3rd bike stolen.  And he is 10.  Uggggggg

This morning James called me.  The cops found his bike yeah!!!!!!!!
Here it is.  

Yep, it has no wheels.  They stole the wheels.  I can't figure this one out.  Why steal the bikes but take off the tires.  Why not just pawn the bike.  I decided I am not creative enough to be a criminal.  Then, as school was ending, I received another phone call from the school telling me the police found wheels also.  So the kids carried them home.  We now have all pegs and wheels.  The morons were sweet enough to put the bolts back on.  Bummer they weren't sweet enough not to ruin the brakes.  The bike is still busted.  Uggggg.  I am glad they found the losers.  Hopefully the judge in court will get us some restitution money.

I did have a cop call and ask how much the bike lock cost so he could put that in his report and I told him about the bike still having problems, so maybe in 12.5 years we will get some $  for his bike and lock.  (I know the court system and how long it takes).
I know, I think it was this dude on the left.

Here he is getting busted.  Ha ha ha ha I crack myself up.

Anyway, there you have it.  The first thing I told John was that we need to move out of this ghetto.  Then when does my MIL say about the photo?  It looks like a car in the ghetto after it was stripped.  Oh, brother.  Well, there you have it, my wacky story for the day.  night ya'll.

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