Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My adorable family

We recently got some family photos done.  Sorry, you will have to scoot the browser over to see all the photos.

 Why are boys so attracted to water?
 There we are!!  Quite the bunch of coconuts.
My cute hubbie.   Maybe one of these days I should start wearing my wedding ring again. . . then again, maybe not.  And I should have taken off the peeling manicure that Annie had given me weeks before.  Oh well.  What do you expect.  We were there, showered and looking spiffy. 
 My beautiful kids.

 Jonah and Joshua
 Elizabeth and Amelia -  These are my almost twins.  4 months apart, but I have to use this photo of them together because Amelia's photo alone turned out like a scary zombie creature and in real life, she is adorable.  Not zombish at all. Well, maybe a little today, when she had a screaming fit for 35 mins. until she fell asleep.  All because I put her ramen noodles in a blue bowl instead of orange.  Granted it was her first day of dance and preschool so she was tired.  But it was still a little zombish.   
 The whole famdambly, well, almost. We are missing Jay and can you tell who is photo shopped?  We were missing Jolyn, Josh and Jay.  That is funny.  All J names. Okay, I need to stop stalling and go make dinner. 
Awe, so sweet.  

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