Monday, December 5, 2011

Grateful - Day 25

I am grateful for Christmas music.

I love random dancing.  It is even better at Christmas time.  Here are a few of our dancing songs.

This Cyndi Lauper song has been my favorite song for years and years. It isn't Christmas time until we have danced our pattooties off to this song.

We love The Muppets and John Denver Christmas CD. I couldn't find the Christmas is Coming song on the internet, but that is totally a cd you should get. Love it (We even had the record when I was growing up. It is a staple in our house).

This is a new favorite, I think we found this last year. It is Donde Esta Santa Claus.

I know this photo of the singers is ridiculous, but I love it.  For some reason it reminds me of my baby brother.  He totally would have posed like that.  Granted, he is married and sort of grown up, but I could see his band doing a cover like that.

We found that one on a Holiday Collection from Kohls. Another one from that Cd is this jason Mraz song. I love Jason Mraz.

I could keep going, but that is what we danced to last night, so there you have it. Turn up the computer and do some random dancing.

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Claudine said...

Love these!! Would have loved it more if I didn't actually have to watch Cyndi Lauper dance! But good nonetheless! This year I have to add Jingle Bell Rock to our repertoire. Mya is totally in love with that song and we have to sing/dance to it all the time. She goes crazy when it comes on in the car. Great choice of songs!!