Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grateful - Day 26-30

So I am tired of trying to come up with stuff to write about.  I get ideas all day long, but when I sit down at the computer, my mind is blank.  So, here I sit, 12:55 am, 1 baby finally asleep and baby b still sitting on my lap sucking his thumb and hugging his blanket.  So, here is my last list of gratefuls.

 #26 I am grateful for my DVR.  I am hugging my baby while watching american pickers cuddled under my warm blanket with fuzzy socks on.

#27  I am grateful I figured out how to charge the battery in my favorite camera.  I have been struggling finding a new camera.  So I am happy about that.

#28  I am grateful for IKEA.  I want to marry IKEA.

#29  I am grateful that we sold our old couches and tv.  yeah!!!!

#30  I am grateful for my life.

Have a good night

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