Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kids have it super easy.

I can't believe how easy life is for kids.  I wonder if our parents thought that same thing, and maybe their parents too.  My 13 year old heard a busy signal on a telephone for the first time a bit ago.  Seriously, a busy signal.  If something bad or funny or crazy or sad happened to us, we would call our friend and wait for the busy signal.  If no one answered, no one answered.  No answering machines and those were before voice mail.  You didn't even need a machine.  Crazy.  Now, they just whip your phone out of your pocket and text your BFF or facebook it so everyone you have ever met in your entire life (including some you haven't met) know exactly what happened. Kids don't even need to watch commercials anymore.  The DVR has taken the fun out of commercials.  It is funny because as I write this,   we are watching Americas got Talent DVRed from last night.  My niece hopped up to hurry and text to vote for the jump ropers.  Poor thing didn't get to vote because we already have the results DVRed to watch next.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. . . commercials.  There are some really great and funny commercials out there. I am not going back to the iconic commercials, but I wanted to share my favorite ones. Everyone loves the old spice and you can go back to squeezing the charmin, but if you said "funny commercial", this is what comes to my mind.

This one cracks me up every time I watch it.

The first time I saw this, I literally fell off the couch laughing.

Ha ha ha ha  I just watched it again with another niece and we just about died.  ha ha

But the moral of the story is not bad, I like technology, I just wish our kids could just experience the past so they could enjoy what they have.  It also makes me wonder what my children will say their children have it easy with.

P.S.   Lately I have been loving the Mayhem commercials.  I love mayhem.  This one is totally my life.  It was passed around facebook, but I can't find one that can be embeded.  So you will have too click the link.  See, I am apologizing on not making it so easy you don't have to click on anything.  Dang, this world has it easy.

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