Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to dump a therapist

Okay, so I just had to dump Ellie's therapist today.  I have not been happy with them.  She was going to a developmental preschool that she had to be on a waiting list for months.  While waiting, we would just see her therapist   That was always weird.  I would sit there for 50 mins and watch Ellie play while the therapist asked me questions. Then when the 50 mins. was over she just stands up and we walk out.  I hated going to say the least.  Then when a spot opened up for Ellie, a super creepy, smelly bus would come and pick her up.  I had to take her on the bus and buckle her in and when she came back I had to go unbuckle her right by all these small zombie children that would just stare at me.  I know this is petty, but the main reason I didn't like the preschool was the fact that they didn't wash her hands and face after lunch.  I sent a lunch with her everyday and the school didn't respect her enough to help her clean up after she ate.

Back to today, so I went to break up with the therapist.  I have 1 word for you.  Awkward.  I can't remember all she said since it was so uncomfortable in there.  I didn't have Ellie go to preschool when I was in Europe so Mrs. Therapist asked what was going on with that.  I told her and she asked if I was going to start bringing her again.  I said no, I want her to go to the preschool all my bio kids went to.  She was not very happy.  She got snippy about making sure I brought in her medicaid card so they would get paid.  That bugged me so I got extra happy to bug her and let her know the receptionist already had a copy.   Then we just sat there for what felt like hours and watched Ellie play.  Then, thank heavens that Ellie had to go potty so we could leave for a while. When I went back in, I said, "So are we done?"  She said "sure", and we left.  That was really weird.  I didn't like it.

She also told me how she didn't own a T.V.  He husband grew up addicted so they don't watch it.  So, that must have been why we didn't get along.  ha ha

Now I am stuck deciding if I find her a new therapist or just go with out.
It bothers me that she was diagnosed with 3 different things so fast.  She had 2 1/2 years of neglect.  She can't be expected to just become "average" overnight.  So, there you go.  That is how you dump your therapist.  Very awkwardly just do it to their face and get it over with.  Got to keep the kids best interest in mind.

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Claudine said...

Hmmm...good to know. There have been a few therapists that I have been uncomfortable with too. Not to that extent, but we shouldn't have to put up with things from them. We are still the moms!!!