Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Koi Assisted Birth (wacky wednesday)

What the crap?  Please tell me this is a joke.  I sincerely hope I am watching Leno (which sadly, if I am watching night time T.V. it is something DVRed so I really never watch Leno) and hear that this was a joke or a prank.  There is a lady that is going to have her baby in her fish tank.  Yes, you read that right.  So the fish can help guide her though the birth.  I personally think she is crazy.  Her is her website.  http://koibirth.blogspot.com/ 

First of all, I am glad she is putting something in the water to kill germs, but why in the world would you want strange chemicals around your newborn?  Did I mention the treated water will be purple?

Second of all, childbirth is messy, do you really want that in your fish tank? 

Third, what in the world makes you even think about doing this?  When I was having my baby, "oh, here's an idea sweetie, lets have the baby in the aquarium."  was never near my brain.  Totally insane. 

What is your 2 cents on this?


MyLyn said...

how in the world will she FIT in her fish tank is MY question!

Travis and Becky said...

I think that all her guts and what ever else comes out will kill her beloved fish.GROWS

Izzie Hinton! said...

That lady is a little on the wacky side! Can't believe why anyone would want to do something that weird! Crazy! :)

Izzie Hinton! said...

That's a little on the crazy side! Why would anyone want to do that! Crazy!